Our Marketplace Picks: February 2019

What are our three favourite Marketplace items this month?

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. This would indeed explain why the previous month just flew by faster than a zombie jockey on a chicken chased by a fox. We’ve just had TOO MUCH FUN! You see, last month, 122 new maps were added to the Minecraft Marketplace. Our amazing content creators sure have been busy!

Navigating through all these worlds, texture packs and maps can be challenging. For this reason, we love to borrow the expertise of our esteemed colleagues, the content team, to pick their three favourites Marketplace items from the past month. This isn’t only because we love helping you, dear readers, we’re also quite fond of putting extra work on people like Matthew “Moesh” Dryden and Oskar Thysell – the beating hearts of the content team.

So what stood out amongst all that February content according to these two?


by Cyclone Designs

Ever dreamed about going on crazy shopping sprees and spending all your emeralds on expensive things that would cripple you financially in real life? Sounds fun! Perhaps you could buy a pet, a car, a couple of bikes, or a small fleet of luxury boats? Cyclone Designs’ ‘Shopping Time!’ caters to your inner shopaholic and lets you decorate a pre-built house with everything emeralds can buy. Or, if you prefer to let your creativity flow freely, build your own in a vacant plot. Spending is the name of the game! Oh wait, the name of the game is actually ‘Shopping Time’. My mistake.

For this map, we asked Oskar, the content team’s number one gem-hoarder, to go spend every single emerald in his possession. For study purposes, of course.

‘Shopping Time!’ lets me live out my wildest consumerist dreams in digital form. I can leave my superego behind and shop, shop, shop to my heart's content and not feel an ounce of guilt about having my happiness revolve around material objects. In the city of Mineopolis, the only rule is 'Survive and thrive', which roughly translated into Minecraft-ese is: convert everything to Emeralds, and then buy all the cars, pets and designer purses you can stomach! As former mayor Richie would say, 'Remember to always stay rich'!


Oh. I thought he said I should “stay poor as a church mouse”. Guess I’ll just have to start saving emeralds again. You can find ‘Shopping Time!’ at their very own Marketplace page.


by Gamemode One

Managing your own farm might sound like a trivial task, but Gamemode One’s ‘Advanced Farming’ is just what it says it is: advanced farming at its finest. It’s a peaceful and relaxing map that takes you to your very own farm in the countryside, complete with all the necessary equipment you need to become successful in your harvest. You play as a farmer with the goal of making as much as you can with your business.

A variety of machines, vehicles, animals, pets, and vendors are all at your disposal to help immerse you in this farming roleplay. There are also plenty of characters to meet, and surrounding lands to explore, as well as custom sounds and music, so there's no excuse for humming E-I-E-I-O while playing (seriously, if I catch you singing that evil earworm, you're sleeping in the outhouse tonight).

Moesh had the pleasure of trying out the farmer’s life.

Hay! I'll plow right through this review quickly. The dill is this: this map is an udder farming masterpiece, barn none! Go from barely surviving wheat to wheat to having entire fields of wheat, carrots and potatoes! You'll forget to carrot all about big city life. There's not mushroom left to continue with these amaizing puns. I found my inner peas with this swheat map.


It's about farming.


We get it, Moesh is really farming for attention with those puns! We’d reward him with the annual “Most Farm Puns in a Quote Box” award, but we’d prefer to just recommend ‘Advanced Farming’ instead.

Learn more about this agricultural adventure at their Marketplace page.


by Blockworks

Babylon is a monumental survival spawn from Blockworks that lets you explore all of this ancient city's wonders – both from the ground, and high up in the air. It’s full of treasures which you can uncover through some thorough investigations inside the city. But if you prefer to just revel in its beauty, you can grab a hot air balloon and fly above it!

After buying an expensive hot air balloon with his last emeralds, Oskar took to the skies above Babylon, and he’s impressed.

I'm a guy that enjoys a nice survival spawn as much as anyone else. For me, elegance goes a long way, and if you match that with a sense of atmosphere, it's a home run. Here we have a great theme, the ancient city of Babylon, with its massive architectural wonders, adorned with colourful foliage that works with the entry point of a survival spawn.

You get the feeling that you're visiting an abandoned civilization's remnants, from where you will construct your home from. The extra mile with the different areas makes it more of a world than just an exhibit – there's a gigantic statue in a garden that covers the living quarters from the view of the city, where there are simple but neat houses scattered around small walkways decorated by miniature trees.

If it sounds like I'm trying to sell you a timeshare of a Minecraft estate, I can only say 'I wish'!


Well, with that sort of pitch, would you consider helping sell my home? I have a nice little dirt block hut I want sold! Up for exploring some ancient wonders like Oskar? Check out the Marketplace page for more information.

There’s tons of content just waiting to be explored. Have a browse of the Minecraft Marketplace to find your new favourite!

Written By
Per Landin