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Our icons are changing

Same Minecraft… different artwork.

Think about the Minecraft icon for a moment. Has it sat on your desktop for the last 10 years? Has it been pinned to your homepage long enough that it’s burned into your display? Do those familiar pixels give you a fuzzy feeling when you hover over them? If so, prepare for a shock – our icons are about to change!

These tweaks are rolling out across snapshots and preview builds, and some are already in-action, but we don’t have an exact date for when they’ll all be switched. Video game icons are serious business! Think of this post as an early sneak peek. 

In general, our icons are becoming more shiny, crispy, and chunky. Writing about them is making me a little hungry tbh.

First, here’s the new Minecraft: Java Edition logo that appears in-game. It’s a lot like the old one, but sharper and with slightly more legible text. I hope you like it!

Speaking of Java Edition, we’re also changing the icon for the main game and snapshot builds. Nothing too dramatic, but we’ve switched the snapshot’s crafting table into a dirt block. This isn’t a dig(!) at our early release builds – they’re an invaluable part of our development process – but we think this represents them a little better, especially sitting next to the most current version of Minecraft. 

Just like Java, we’ve already changed Bedrock to be a little punchier and include more appropriately sized pixels for 2023. You might notice that these icons feature one less dimension than the Java equivalent. That’s nothing to do with in-game features, it’s just the way we’ve chosen to differentiate between our editions.

Finally, here are our new launcher icons. These are probably the most noteworthy changes. They’re shifting from the iconic grass block (as you can see from this post, we’re already using that a lot) to… a creeper face! By using something just as iconic (though a lot more prone to spontaneous combustion) we're hopefully making each game, and our all-in-one launcher, feel more distinct. 

We hope you enjoy looking at our new icons for years to come. And huge thanks for clicking on them so many times to date – it means a lot!

Owen Jones
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Owen Jones

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