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The Nintendo Switch is a great console for playing Minecraft. Play on the TV! Play in handheld mode! Play in bed! Play on the bus! (Unless you're meant to be driving said bus!) Play while you're supposed to be writing an article for about the Switch news channel!

Are you following our Switch News Channel? Our brilliant writer/editor, Nova Barlow, has been updating it every week. Follow us on your Switch and you'll see game updates, top tips, crafting recipes, the backstory of blocks and items, and more!

Here's how you can follow the Nintendo News Channel on your Nintendo Switch:

You don't even need to own Minecraft on Nintendo Switch to follow our channel on your Switch! So looks like you're all out of excuses not to. Unless your excuse is “I'm busy trying to 100% Super Mario Odyssey,” in which case, fair enough! Well done for even managing to pause that platformer made of pure joy™ long enough to read this article.

Enjoy the Switch News channel! OK, I've finished writing this. Can I go back to playing Splatoon 2 now?

Written By
Tom Stone