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Nick’s ice cream goes blocky

Minecraft ice cream is now available in the US!

I’ve never been one to scream for ice cream, but I have been known to shed tears over my favorite kladdkaka-flavored frozen treat. While I’m still not sold on the Swedes’ famous kebab pizza, it turns out they really know their ice cream! Its only flaw is that I can’t have it more often – not unless I want my body to rebel against me and my dentist to give me a very stern look.

Luckily, nobody was around to hear my yelp of excitement when I found out that I can combine my love of mining, my passion for crafting, and my fascination with frozen treats! Nick’s have created some delicious Minecraft ice cream flavors that have fewer calories and carbs, and no added sugar. They’re inspired by some beloved in-game treats and treasures, but unlike those, they require zero mining and crafting. 

Check out the blocky goodness below:

Will you dig into a Cake Blocka or slowly pick at the Emerald Minta? Or maybe you're already enthralled by the Enchanted Äpple Pie and the Peanöt Choklad Glowdust? No matter your preference, these flavors are available online in the US.

And if you’re outside the US like me and can’t get the Minecraft range, you can still get Nick’s products, like other ice cream flavors, chocolate bars, wafers, and protein bars. I am told that they also contain less sugar and carbs than regular sweets, but I can say from personal experience that you'd never guess they were low in anything by just tasting them.

It’s important to treat yourself – but reducing the amount of sugar you eat is always a good idea. Whether it’s by choosing to buy products with less sugar in them or simply eating fewer sweets, it’s a great way to take care of your health and keep the duration of your dentist visits to a minimum. No need to literally scream when the ice cream has no added sugar!

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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