New world generation in Bedrock available for testing

An experimental toggle has arrived to the Bedrock-version of Minecraft!

(Java version here)

With Caves & Cliffs: Part I released, we’re currently hard at work at delivering the second chapter of the update. World generation features previously available in our beta program, such as the new world height, new mountains, and new cave generation, are now available in Minecraft Bedrock version 1.17.10!

What features are included?

The full list of new features you can access through the experimental toggle in the 1.17.10 release are:

  • New surface biomes including Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow

  • New cave biomes including Lush Caves, and Dripstone Caves

  • Revamped cave generation adds cheese caves, spaghetti caves, lava aquifers, and flooded aquifer caves

  • New ore distribution

  • Skulk sensor

  • Goat horn

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How do I access the experimental toggle?

You can access these features by enabling the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle in an existing or new world. A guide on how to enable the toggle can be found here.

What do all the other toggles do?

A full explanation of what the experimental toggle is, which toggles are available and what they do can be found here.

What about Java?

Another version of world generation is available to play on Minecraft Java Edition through a side snapshot. You can read about it here.

More questions about C&C Part II? Visit the general FAQ page here.

Written By
Marcus Bodin