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New updates coming to Minecraft Earth

Discover new and game-changing features!

While some of you might be too young to remember (in which case get off my lawn, you whippersnappers!), Minecraft used to be pretty different from the game we know and love today. Even though it’s hard to imagine an Overworld without llamas or turtles, they haven’t always been there (yes, I’ve checked). That’s one of the things that makes it so great – and now, Minecraft Earth is following in its footsteps.

Exciting changes are coming, and that’s all thanks to you! Yes, you! At Mojang, we love player feedback, and we’ve read all of your suggestions on how we can improve the Minecraft Earth experience. I’ve also emailed Saxs some fun changes like making the interface completely gesture-based and featuring full TikTok integration. We’ve been working hard to prepare some new features that will make Minecraft Earth even more fun to play. Without further ado...

Adventure Crystals

You know what’s better than heading out in search of adventures? Staying in and adventuring on your terms. Previously, these life-sized slices of Minecraft were scattered across the map and you had to walk a fair bit to get to them. That’s usually fine, but during these strange and scary times, going outside may not be the best idea. And even in normal circumstances, sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the house – and that’s okay. Thanks to these new Adventure Crystals, you can now mine, fight, and loot wherever and whenever you want.

Can’t wait to get your hands on them? First, you should know that right now, you can only find Common, Uncommon, and Rare crystals. The Epic and Legendary ones are on the way! So where can you get them? Adventure Crystals can be found in tappables – and you also receive a Common crystal every day through Challenges! Plus, at the end of each Adventure you’ll uncover an Adventure Chest with amazing loot, including additional crystals – some of higher rarity than the Adventure you are in. Of course, you can use the crystals by yourself or invite a friend to join in on the fun.


For too long has the internet been deprived of your marvelous Minecraft Earth creations! Now you can share your build with the tap of a button. The app generates a link, which you can tweet, message, email, write on a cake, carve on a stone tablet – whatever rocks your socks. Then, other players can access and play with your creation. You can set up a hotbar for your visitors to use, which means you choose the blocks, items, and mobs they can play with.

Worried about meanies smashing your work? Don’t be! The link you share is always read-only, so while other players can do whatever they want while they’re in your build, their changes won’t show up on your side. So rest assured – your creations are safe from the cruel intentions of internet trolls!

What kind of buildplates will you share with the world? Maybe something like Grand Central StationBig Ben, or Sydney Harbour? Or will you create your own fantasy build? We’re really excited to see what our community comes up with.


So that’s one Moobloom, two Creepers, five rabbits, 97 pigs, uuuh… after a certain point it becomes too much to manage. My memory just isn’t what it used to be. Plus, how can you know how much stuff you have left to collect? I’ve heard about the muddy pig, but what if it’s just an elaborate ruse to make people exercise?

Completionists rejoice, because the Player Journal is here! This handy new page will show you what mobs you’ve discovered so far, how many you have of each, and which ones you need to complete your collection. Can’t get more straightforward than that. Now go check what mobs you’ve missed!


More challenges, more rewards, and more XP? I’d drop this article and fire up the app right now if I could, but I have a duty to inform the Minecraft-loving masses and I take it way too seriously.

Now you can collect challenges from tappables, and keep only the ones you like! Still want more? The new Seasons feature will also bring limited-time challenges that refresh every two weeks. As you work through the challenge trees, you’ll be able to earn Character Creator items in addition to XP. And that’s not all: daily log-in bonuses are now a thing. That’s basically free stuff!


How will these features enhance the way you play? Only one way to find out! Please keep the feedback coming through help.minecraft.netMinecraft Earth on Twitter, and Minecraft Earth on Discord. Haven’t played yet? It’s time to download Minecraft Earth for free on iOS or Android and fix that. Happy mining!

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Cristina Anderca

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