New technical content and tutorials for creators!

There are so many ways to create with Minecraft – ranging from new worlds and mobs to entirely new gaming experiences. For more advanced builds, the details can get really in-depth and technical, and having a base of documentation and tutorials can be helpful. To support this, we’re adding more technical documentation around Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Add-On packs over at  

Here, you’ll see a range of topics from how to start building new resource packs up through building advanced GameTests. We’re starting small but expect to build a bigger collection of docs and details over time. 

You can dive in today! Check out new tutorials and documentation on how to create custom Add-Ons for Bedrock, including some of the basics and some that take advantage of new experimental features:

To complement all the amazing work done by our community, we're periodically going to add more and more tips on how you can build Add-Ons for Minecraft. You can get started today by stopping by our new Creator tech documentation pages – and stay tuned for more content to come!

Written By
Mike Ammerlaan