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New stuff on Marketplace!

Summery fun with minigames and mighty kingdoms!

A month ago we launched Marketplace on Pocket and Windows 10 - for the first time it offers a way to browse, buy, download and play community content from within the game itself. You can go check it out right now by clicking here!

At launch we had loads of cool stuff available for you to play, but we’ve certainly not stopped there. We’ve been busy signing up new partners (more details on that to come), and our existing creators have been crafting up even more special stuff for you to enjoy. Today we’re putting up three new items.

Here’s a quick overview of the new goodness coming to you!

Summer Mini Games Festival

by Noxcrew

Take a daytrip with your friends to this survival/minigame map hybrid! Test your skills at Mini-Golf, Blocksketball, and the shooting range! Play Splashdown in a luxury boat, Spleef in a volcano, and monkey around in the Aqua Jungle!

Wisteria Grove

by Imagiverse

Make your home among the massive trees of a mystic grove in this survival spawn. Trot across rope bridges strung among the branches, or delve between the oversized roots to find the ideal nook to stash your loot. The perfect place to seed many an adventure - and it comes with five fitting skins too!

The Kingdom of Torchwall

by Imagiverse

Claim the Kingdom of Torchwall for your base and expand your domain out into this sprawling survival map. Explore the surrounding town and farms - dressed as one of the 20 skins which come with the world template - but watch out for creatures that lurk in the crypts and sewers.

Lovely! Stay tuned for more Marketplace announcements in the near future!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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