New on Realms: Spirit, Strategy, and Sheep

From sheep sorting to pixel parties, here's six new Java realms maps for you!

Hello and welcome to our first thrilling Java Realms post of the year. I am your host, Marc “The Diamond” Watson, and today we’re going to go over six new, clever creations, from board games to trips through time. We’ve got it all, so read on, brave adventurers!


by Vertex Creations

According to Wikipedia, Windmill (traditionally known as Nine Men's Morris) is a strategy board game dating back to the Roman Empire. The game has also been called cowboy checkers and is sometimes printed on the back of checkerboards. Thank you, Wikipedia! My teachers told me that I couldn’t quote or cite from you, yet here I am, doing so anyway.

Vertex Creations’ Windmill proceeds in three phases. First, you place game pieces on empty spaces. Second, you can move your pieces into adjacent spaces, until you are left with three pieces. Last: the flying phase! Strangely, you don’t get to fly, but you are allowed to move your pieces anywhere. The game ends when a player is left with just two pieces. People say that this is a “solved game”, but they said that about tic-tac-toe and I still lose that all of the time, so who knows?

Totem Clash

by HomiePinkGuyYT and Dank_Assassin

If chess was created today, it’d probably be free to play, have day-one DLC, and have way more guns. Players would drop onto the game board from an airplane, then move their pawns around a board until they got enough points to upgrade to a queen. There would also be cosmetics and loot boxes. Imagine opening a chess loot box: “Surprise, you got checkers!”

Alternatively, a chess-like game created today might look something like Totem Clash, in which players control pieces reminiscent of one of the greatest games of all time. Yes, you’ve seen units that can move one or two spaces forward, but what about moving sideways? Maybe you’d like to set a trap, make a wall, or use an archer to shoot a unit from a distance? No problem – it’s all there in the game. Also, the game features cowboys, and those have been cool for something like two hundred years. Just remember to protect your totem from attacks, or else your game will be over real soon.

The 4th Dimension

by Team Vaeron

There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The 4th Dimension!

This time-traveling build is a fun change of pace, presented for those creative types who like to fly around and experience a build that isn’t beholden to typical survival or adventure constraints. The creators describe it as:

“The Time Core maintains the very heartbeat of time, it is the catalyst of natural change and the all-powerful arbiter of history itself. The Fourth Dimension immerses players through polished and skilful execution in an adventure from past to future. It earned second place in Planet Minecraft's Journey Through Time Project Contest.”

Enough reading, get out there and be the kind of person who brings a smartphone into the past and is hailed as a great wizard... or a heretic!

Sheep Shuffle

by The_Artist123

At Sheep Co., your job is to sort different colors of sheep that have found their way into the company’s minecarts. It’s not the most mentally stimulating job that you could have asked for, but management lets you wear headphones while you sort sheep, and what other job was going to give you the freedom to listen to Finnish polka music all day? Successfully completing a level will take you to an even more challenging exercise where you’ll have to furiously switch levers back and forth until you collapse. It seems that management is setting you up for failure; perhaps you should unionize?

Pixel Party

by DutchCommanderMC, Team Blocksanity

Pixel Party is a fast-paced series of nine different minigames. Between rounds, you can select a new mode, or replay a favorite. Choose from games such as ‘Trying to Escape From Lava While on Fire’, ‘Stop Moving I Need to Throw This TNT Chicken at You’, or ‘Come On Oskar I Was Reading the Rules When You Sniped Me’. Endless amounts of fun with your friends, but seriously, watch out for the chickens!

Annoying Ghosts

by ElectroBleach, GenericallyNamed, and Meeepy12

As everyone knows, ghosts are weightless, amorphous creatures that, when being annoying, are easily sucked up into a vacuum cleaner. That’s where you come in: you’re contractually obligated to take care of these aggravating apparitions. This mansion won’t clean itself! Complete a series of objectives guided by a scary man with a radio, revel in total spectral annoyance, or chase after your ghosts with your Suck-o-Munga 3000. There’s so much to do! Some wholly unsolicited advice to the creators: you could be sitting on a whole ghost franchise; a ghost empire! ‘Magnificent Ghosts’, ‘Amiable Ghosts’, or everyone’s future favorite, ‘Punctual Ghosts’. So much potential!

Calling All Creators

That wraps up a great, new release! Hopefully you, dear readers, get excited about seeing the little newspaper icon pop up in game, alerting you to the release of Hot New Maps™.

But maybe you’d like to have some of your own creations featured on Realms? Could it be that someone finally makes the mythical Amazon rainforest boating map, or that an up-and-coming creator takes advantage of the brand new foxes and their behavior? If you’d like to have your own Minecraft creations featured on Realms and on this blog, head over to this page, which explains the Java Realms Content Creator Program. If you have questions about this process, you can find me on Twitter.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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