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New on Realms: Jolly Holly Folly

A sled-load of wintry treats: naughty, nice and all things ice

Welcome to the new home for the Minecraft Realms content blog! Thanks for coming over to with us. We'll miss our home at, but look at all of the excellent, new content here!

Back in October, we decided that we'd like to try a themed bundle of maps for PC Realms. What followed was our successful Halloween launch, containing gems from community mapmakers such as Pumpkin Party and Forgotten Hamlet. Folks agreed that we needed to try another themed bunch of maps, and that brings us to our winter/holiday offerings. Strap into your sleigh and get ready to be amazed!

Ice Wars by Team Noot

For those searching for a bit more cerebral of an experience, we've got Logic&Elves, a map that proves that one of the most stressful parts of the holiday experience is finding gifts for the pickiest of people. The elves will judge you with the typical villager "Hurrrgh" until you give them the present they desire. "What do you mean if today's color is blue, you don't want a blue present? You should be happy with what you get!"

Frosty Wind by Theticman and ChildofStars

One of the more unusual locations in Minecraft is the ice spikes biome, considered by villagers and most creatures to be an inhospitable place. Here, though, someone has built a refuge from the cold weather, and the village is ready for you to move in.

Christmas Brawl by Minemakers

The winter holidays: a time for family, togetherness, and the last minute gift-giving efforts of a generous, crimson-clad man. However, not all of the winter wonderland's denizens are in a good mood this season, so this clearly means some bonks on the head are in order. There are several classes to pick, from the snowman who can melt to teleport around the map, to the reindeer who uses its antlers to make a point.

Naughty List by The Naughty Elves

Created by a team of 21 talented mapmakers, The Naughty List was a surprise entry put forward by many of the current Realms-published mapmakers. The group divided the work between a seven different areas: a huge lobby to explore, and six different minigames. To find out just why you're on Santa's naughty list this year, gather your friends and dive into the challenges!


And Back by Popular Demand…


This week, we've got three returning adventures, updated for you to play in Minecraft 1.11:


We also wrote a big article about the making of Terra Swoop Force! Read it. Go on!


Hopefully, you've soon got some time off from work, school, or other responsibilities, allowing you to try each of the above creations. If you enjoy them, let us know!

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