New on Realms: Easter Egg Factory

An eggcellent new Java Realms map for Easter!

Eager for Easter? Ready to crack some eggcellent yolks? Eggcited to be allowed to spell ‘excited’ like that for the whole weekend? Gonna gorge on candy so hard that you inadvertently tar and feather yourself in melted chocolate and candy wrappers?

That actually sounds horrible. So why not try this new map on Java Realms instead? Here, you run your very own Easter Egg Factory!

Inherit your own egg factory in a picturesque little village and use it to produce and decorate eggs on a vast scale. Best of all - you get to play as a team AND compete to beat a rival factory. What more could you whisk for? Okay, okay, I’ll stop now.

Jannis, the creator behind this map, explains it better; “you play in two teams,” he starts. “Each team owns an old, rusty factory and their goal is to upgrade the machines and make it produce Easter eggs as efficiently as possible. The team with the most produced eggs in the end, wins.”

Sounds simple, right? But there’s more nuance to it then you might be imagining. “Players have to buy new supplies and tech, collect eggs, guard the egg supplies and - most importantly - communicate with the team who does what,” Jannis tells me.

Jannis wants you cooperating and coordinating with your teammates: Divide the workload! Prioritise tasks! Focus on which direction you want to take your new factory! Try to pull all this off without getting egg on your face!

“I love to create things,” Jannis says, when I ask him how he came to this project. “I’m a map-maker, and my goal is to push the limits of what is possible in Minecraft. I don’t just want to create entertaining maps, I want to make the player fall in love with the details of a map.”

While that’s apparent through the game mechanics of Easter Egg Factory, it’s also very obvious when you step into the town. A charming woodland with pretty little houses and stores dotted here and there, each adorned with a different style of roofing or walls, decorations or signage. It’s really quite quaint, and it’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends over the Easter holidays.

If Easter eggs aren’t really your thing, though, worry not. Jannis has made a variety of creations in the past, and even if you’re not playing one of his maps on Realms, you’re likely to stumble upon his work on the Marketplace or in other crafty ventures.

“I made a bunch of command block-based minigames for a public server that I was running with two friends,” Jannis begins. “I also made a couple of useful tools for map-makers, the most popular being the model editor Blockbench, which is now pretty much the standard for making custom models for Minecraft.”

So even if you’re not playing one of his maps or mini-games, there’s a chance you’ve still crossed paths with his work in the form of custom models in other mods. Now that’s pretty cool! As Jannis mentioned earlier, though, he’s all the about the details, and they really shine here. A special characteristic of the map is its use of a custom resource pack and lots of commands that add little animations and details everywhere. “There are bird sounds during the day,” Jannis tells me, “and in the evening hours you can hear the crickets chirp.”

There’s a lot of things to love about this map, so get your family and friends together this weekend and get cracking!


The Realms team recently published a nice, little one-pager here on Minecraft dot net so that we could tell you all about the Realms creator program. Should you wish to know more, mosey on over to the new page and read all about it.

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Have a great Easter!

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Emily Richardson