New on Realms: Parkour and Pickaxes

Five and a half new maps join Java Realms!

This week on Minecraft Realms we’ve got five new maps and a secret stealth release. Secret, as we released “The Pickaxe Quest” when nobody was watching. But there’s no one to stop us from doing that, so astute observers may have noticed this creep into the content library last week. How spontaneous! The other five maps are also great, and you should read about them all, starting right… now!

The Pickaxe Quest


I’ve just watched the trailer for The Pickaxe Quest, and I’m feeling surprisingly motivated. My knee-jerk reaction to a computerized voice telling me that I will most certainly fail makes me angry and confused, and I have a strong need to prove it wrong.

In this thrilling minigame adventure, you must craft the ultimate pickaxe, even if it kills you. Which it probably will. Once you’ve completed your objectives and created the ultimate mining tool, a wide world of survival adventure awaits. Well, survival, but with a supremely overpowered pickaxe.

Colorful Rotation 2

by Vertex Creations

Almost two years ago, the world got its first taste of Colorful Rotation. This Friday, prepare for a map so updated that the title had to be incremented by one. In Colorful Rotation 2, you’ve got a circle with four colors. Blocks make their way towards your circle, and it’s your job to match the color, which will bounce the block back at your opponent. Miss too many of these and you’re done for! Hot tip for pro players: use keys 1-4 on your keyboard and memorize which corresponds to which color, as this is much faster than fiddling with your mouse’s scroll wheel.

Trident Fishers


Picture this idyllic scene: small cabins filled with your friends, surrounding a large fishing pond, nestled within the greenery of nature. Suddenly, an azure trident whizzes past your head and buries itself into a poor, unsuspecting fish. Ah yes, you didn’t come here to bask in nature’s warm glow – you came here to beat all of your friends at bopping water-dwellers in the noggin with unorthodox weaponry! Trident Fishers dives head-first into the new world of trident-based games. We eagerly look forward to Trident Bakers, Trident Cobblers, and hopefully, our favorite, Trident Fidget Spinner Inspector.

Parkour Pyramid

by Hielke

Parkour Pyramid is a nice upgrade from a lot of typical parkour-style maps. Here, you run and jump from one area to the next, each area part of a larger whole. Clever design punctuates your experience, with concepts like a snake level, where the blocks you must run to move throughout the area, or the section with rising water that you must race to stay ahead of. Parkour Pyramid is a surprisingly large creation; indeed, when our colleague Oskar Thysell finally finished reviewing this map, the team remarked that we had not seen him in ages, and that his floor-length beard was an impeccably-paired accessory.

Terminal Velocity

by the_suso_craft and adri2711

If you’re the kind of person who plays Minecraft adventures with collectables, and you’ve thought to yourself: “What if this map was faster-paced, had harder enemies, made you complete it in a single run, and had a death wall that followed me everywhere?”, then this map is for you. In Terminal Velocity, you’ll need to run quickly and learn from each death. Start by jumping between platforms, move onto an area with special boots that boost your jumps, then complete the run with an elytra-based section. Go the extra mile, impress your pals, and collect the map’s three hidden adventure discs!

Simple Hockey

by Vertex Creations

Hockey is a game where two teams skate around on ice and try to whack a black disk into the opposing team’s goal, which causes... wait, you know what hockey is, right? This is hockey, but in Minecraft.

Writing assignment over! Guess I can go home and- oh. I’m being told that this summary is under the minimum number of words, and that simply saying “hockey, but in Minecraft!” does not pass our rigorous quality standards.

Okay, so this is hockey in Minecraft, but just like buying a car during a mid-life crisis, it comes with all sorts of fancy bells and whistles that go beyond what a normal person would expect it to feature. Arena choices! Power-ups! Fine levels of customization! You can even purchase upgrades to particles, chest plates, music, and the all-important hockey sticks after earning enough points in the arena. Or is the correct term ‘battlefield’? I am not a person who knows about sports.

Crossing the Streams

Did you know that our community team streams Java Realms maps on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube? Wild, but true! You can see these maps and more on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. Pacific/ 9 p.m. GMT.

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Happy Minecrafting!


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