New on Realms: Blast from the Past

Returning maps join new games in this week’s action-packed release

This week in the world of Java Realms maps we’ve got three previously-released favorites back-to-back with two new additions. If you’ve been playing on Realms for a long time (and for one of these, it’s a really long time) you might recognize some of these. If not, locate one or more friends, load up these maps, and try them out for yourselves! Or you could just live vicariously through our map descriptions and try to vividly imagine what the gameplay is like!

Knockback Madness Remastered

by Vertex Creations

For years, players have asked us when Knockback Madness was returning to Realms. First released in October 2014, this multiplayer PvP minigame gathered a dedicated following due to its fast-paced combat and the ability to send your opponents flying around a map. Knockback Madness is one of the simpler maps that we’ve published, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most fun to play. Climbing up the towers establishes some vertical dominance, but if your opponent won’t come to you, you’ll need to go to them. Positioning is key, as you can’t be knocked too far if you’ve got a solid object behind you, but if you’re near the edge of the map when a sword or arrow sneaks through, you’ll have a few moments to reconsider your choices before plummeting to your demise.

Makers Wars II

by MineMakers Team

Makers Wars is back with a Minecraft 1.14 update in Makers Wars II! Battle others in a Skyblock PvP arena with pre-made kits or grab item drops on the battlefield. Those are all traditionally words that have been known to resonate well with Minecrafters, so there’s no way to say no to this map! Choose from eight exciting kits, such as the Engineer, which gives you dispensers, pistons, and TNT, or the Tamer, which is able to spawn mobs to fight for you! Once you’re geared up, drop into the arena and show your friends who’s the best. Hopefully that’s you; it might get awkward otherwise.

Dash Digger

by Dieuwt

At long last, a game with thrilling underground content! In Dash Digger, one to four players face off in a single-wide cave. It’s kind of like an ant farm, if ants could terrifyingly wield pickaxes and score points in minigames. Players must mine diligently for their points, then return to their spawn area to turn them in. The game features five different maps, as well as a way to create your own maps that you can then load into the game. With randomized ore placement, you’ll want to keep coming back for more dashing and/or digging!

Hole in the Floor Remastered

by Vertex Creations

Many games start with simple tools and a restriction or two. Basketball started as a ball and some fruit baskets, stickball presumably when someone had a spare mop and a bouncy ball, and I’m told that golf was invented at the Battle of Greenfields when Bandobras Took slew the goblin lord, Golfimbul. Hole in the Floor also starts simply with just a fishing rod and a big hole located squarely in the floor. All you need to do is jump over it from time to time to stay in the game while also attempting to drag your opponents into said hole. Who knew that you could create entire games based on bopping opponents with non-combat items? You can bet that the fish are relieved that the humans have finally turned on each other!

Illemana Defense

by Piyotato, TehPiyoNoob, Zhengy

Team Three Quarters (or as they’re probably known by in the rap world, Seventy-Five Cent) has put together a multiplayer game of magical mayhem that should provide a nice change of pace from traditional combat games. Fight waves of eldritch enemies solo or with a partner in one hundred total combat waves. You play as a sage, a wielder of over sixty different spells, whose combination of spells and powerups change based off of which sage you’ve selected. There are over seventy areas to unlock in this massive map, which I believe makes for a very high number of possible combinations. But who am I, an authority on math? Go check it out for yourself!

Such value!

There you have it, five new games, one new one to try each weekday! Or one for each month that ends in either -uary or -ember. However you decide to split these is up to you, we won’t judge.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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Marc Watson