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New on Marketplace: Winter Wonders

New on Marketplace: Winter Wonders

An extra-cool new content drop for Marketplace

This week we have plenty of new content hitting Marketplace, which is good because there’s no way I’m going outside in the terrible wind and sleet, just to slip on some horrible ice. I’d rather be mining myself a small hole deep underground, where I can wait it out with my single torch and porkchop. To keep me entertained, Minecraft will have five new worlds, six new skin packs and a new mini-game map. Whoop!

If you're worried all that won't keep you going through winter - don't worry! We'll be continuing to update Marketplace, and you can browse the current library of curated content made by the Minecraft community by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

Dropper of Horrors

by Noxcrew

First up, you’re invited to enter the Dropper of Horrors Theater and drop through spooky stories filled with terror. Featuring the famous tales "The Howling Forest", "Night of the Missing Pet", and "The Wicked Pumpkin”, this new world is sure to give you quite a fright.

If you're brave enough, you can download Dropper of Horrors here.


by Razzleberries

Embark on an epic journey in the mysterious land of Alteria. A wild hunt will take you across an open world of discovery, numerous cities, multiple quest lines and secret lore, until you can reach the ultimate treasure. For more than ten hours of incredible adventures, download Alteria here.

Jurassic Depths

by Everbloom Studios

Scientists have discovered a massive prehistoric ecosystem beneath our world. Could it hold the key to immortality? Use a lost pocketwatch to travel through time and solve challenging puzzles in this visually-stunning epic single-player adventure! Get down to Jurassic Depths by clicking here!

Kingdom Assault

by Blockception

Can you destroy the evil invading the city? Gear up in this action packed minigame! Play alone or with friends to defeat all forty waves without dying! Think you can do it? Get Kingdom Assault here!

Winter Mini-Games Festival

by Noxcrew

Spend a cozy weekend up at Frosty Mountain Lodge with its new mini-golf course, speed sledding and a grand ice castle. Race your friends in Yeti-Set-Go, take to the skies in our Elytra course, and zip around in snowmobiles! If you're up to the challenge, download the Winter Mini-Games Festival here!

Ugah! Ugah!

by Pathway Studios

UNGH! AARGH! Discover fire with a charming group of cavemen and explore a huge prehistoric survival spawn. Explore the world, delve into its massive caves and develop the primeval landscape into your own civilization! Comes with five skins, too! If you want a blast to the past then fire up Ugah! Ugah! by clicking here!

Winter Fest

by Blockception

Play awesome minigames while exploring the incredible Winter Fest and earn prizes to show off to your friends! Includes two music tracks and - get this! - fully automated minigames! Slide into a world of fun and get Winter Fest here.

Skin Packs

Click through the gallery to see all the new skin packs we've added to Marketplace!

That's all for now, folks! Enjoy the festivities!

Emily Richardson
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Emily Richardson

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