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New on Marketplace: Samurai, Vampires and Dragons

Together at last?

It's the first Marketplace content drop of 2018! And if you're a fan of either (takes deep breath) vampires, Vikings, dragons, cowboys, monkeys, outlaws, train robbers, robots, samurai, wildlife or great new mini-games, then we're bound to have at least something for you! Not a fan of any of those things?Then you know nothing of joy.

We'll be continuing to update Marketplace, and you can browse the current library of curated content made by the Minecraft community by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

Wildlife: Arctic

by Pixelheads

Drive two brand new snow vehicles, discover 20 wild winter animals, fight fierce yeti and tame icy wooly mammoth in Wildlife: Arctic. Explore huge mountains and ice caves, where the frost isn’t the only thing that bites!

“Wildlife: Arctic has great custom resources like vehicles and animals," says Adam Martinsson, content co-ordinator on the Mojang Marketplace team. Click here to find it on Marketplace


by Pathway Studios

"Val'Aven is a really pretty survival spawn world with a big looming dragon,” explains Adam. Yeah, that's a pretty hard detail to miss!

Discover the secrets of a sprawling city guarded by this legendary beast. Uncover the treasure hidden in dangerous and mysterious dungeons. Explore every detail of the massive city and surrounding fields, then claim its magnificent castle as your home! Click here to find it on Marketplace.


by Impress

“Samurai Castle comes to us from the Japanese team, Impress,” explains, Marc Watson, Content Lead on the Marketplace team. “A result of wanting to reach out more globally to creators and players.” Welcome, Impress!

In the past, noble samurai spent their time fighting and training in the structure's training grounds. Now, you can be the master of the castle! Click here to find it on Marketplace..

City Bots

by Pixel²

The future is now! Fire Bots fend off flames, A Chef Bot cooks up gourmet meals, whilst the Music Bot works it on the dance floor. Your new mechanical companions await with this colourful community-made skin pack!

“More bots!” enthuses Adam. “This pack is full of high quality skins of robots doing all kinds of things, from cooking food to directing traffic. Because, really, who doesn't want to be a Garden Bot holding a flower pot?” Who indeed? Click here to find it on Marketplace.

Also new on Marketplace:

That's it for now. Enjoy the new stuff!

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