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New on Marketplace: Party Games and Space Stations

Four new additions to the marketplace!

Change of the seasons getting you down? Considering stockpiling food, gorging on it, and then hibernating in time to skip the winter? Never going outside again in case you slip on ice and bruise your bum, thereby injuring one of the most vital anatomical parts required for playing Minecraft with any modicum of comfort? Well, despair no more! Because we have a whole new round of Marketplace releases for you. So, well, you still can't go outside without freezing, but hey, at least you won't even want to now! That's pretty good, right?

We'll be continuing to update Marketplace, and you can browse the current library of curated content made by the Minecraft community by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

KVASIR, Nordic Village Spawn

by Razzleberries

If you're a fan of the look of snow but cannot abide actually feeling snow, the cold and wet thing that it is, well, this is probably the place for you! KVASIR, Nordic Village Spawn is a survival spawn made up of nordic houses, structures and a snowy ambience. There are plenty of places to discover like the Icy Cave or the Great Tower. There's also loot in the spawn area for all the survival players!

Proton Station

by InPvP

Welcome to the interstellar delight that is Proton Station! Your mission seems simple: to survive on this new planet and collect resources for the station! Easy right? R-right? Good luck, cadet. You're definitely gonna need it.

Blitz Build

by Pathway Studios

Compete against friends or yourself in a fast-paced party game of memory and speed! After seeing a structure, players compete to recreate it quickly and accurately. Face off with up to five players or play alone in 150 building challenges!

Castle Architect

by Pathway Studios

Start your survival game exploring and rebuilding a derelict castle, forgotten by civilisation. Clear out the invasive plants, fight enemies that lie within, gather materials from the surrounding wilderness and fashion a new castle in your own style!

Jig's Guide: Redstone Basics

by Jigarbov

You've waited long enough! Now it's time to finally learn the basics of redstone. Complete the voiced tutorial then head into the dozens of test chambers to learn what each redstone component actually does. Plus an endless sandstone world to test in!

Alright, now we've got that ready, I have to go and dig myself a burrow. See you in spring!

Emily Richardson
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Emily Richardson

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