New on Marketplace: Isles, Lagoons and Keeps

Not to mention ninjas and wildly abstract architecture!

Prepare for leisure in the luxury lagoon resort, join in battle with Japanese warrior clans, or lose your mind in an abstract, sky-high maze of colourful shards - this week's bundle of new community-made content for Marketplace offers a pretty broad range definition of fun! You can browse them (and a tonne of other great stuff made by build teams from the Minecraft community) over on the Marketplace itself by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

Or scroll below for a quick overview!

Lapis Lagoon

by Imagiverse

Splash down in Lapis Lagoon and you'll find a full water park experience, replete with water slide races, fountains, balloons, popsicle stands and mini-games of many kinds. But most water parks can't boast a massive multi-storey blue dragon entwined around a mountain, can they? Incredible to look at and a joy to play, this map shows Imagiverse's talents are going from strength to strength! Use this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download!

Isles of Aeria

by Polymaps

A chain of small floating islands, drifting among the clouds above a distant land. This latest world from Polymaps (makers of the rather delightful Stone Age texture pack) has many treasures to be found and quests to complete. Will you be able to bridge the gap between ground and sky? Find out, by clicking this link to be taken straight to the content in the Marketplace.

Ninjas VS Samurai

by Noxcrew

Noxcrew won't stop releasing amazing maps! This one's a survival spawn set in a land inspired by Japanese warriors of ages past. Will you sneak into the Ninja's temple or smash the Samurai stronghold? Take the bases for yourself, join the villagers, or build your own! The choice is yours in this new survival spawn - which you can find on Marketplace by clicking right here.

Whiterock Castle

by Blockception

Blockception has crafted this mighty castle keep, a vast and towering stronghold for you to explore and expand as you see fit. Use it as a staging post for your own survival adventure, with plenty of villagers clustered around its base, or smash it down and rebuild it in your own style! You can download this grand location from Marketplace itself by clicking this link.

Abstraction Vector

by Jigarbov

One of the strangest and most striking maps yet to appear on Marketplace, Jigarbov challenges you to survive amid this network of shards and beams, scavenging the components required to complete the colour monument. Even looking at it makes my eyes spin. Download it from Marketplace directly, by clicking this link.

That's it for now! Enjoy!

Written By
Marsh Davies