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New on Java Realms: If (Friday && End of Month) then (Release New Maps)!

If (Friday && End of Month) then (Release New Maps)!

8 maps that will code their way into your heart!

Long ago, I was what some would call (Editor’s note: Who? Name names) a programming prodigy. I woke up every morning, cuddled with my pet Python, poured a cup of Java and ate an orange (to ++ the vitamin C). While doing my loops at my job I would attempt to take as many ‘breaks’ as possible, until the day I was promptly fired for being too literal and/or having a lack of “work ethic”. Although I involuntarily chose to leave that life behind, today’s new release is calling me back, with a slew of maps that will challenge that programmy part of your brain!



by TheblueMan003 & Benjamin874

Solar Tech Corps has been attacked by ghosts, and in order to improve their security, they need you to light up a lamp with their new ‘Bluestone’ technology. You may have questions, and they may or may not be answered by Computery Stuff, but it will let you have fun with logic gates! Logic gates are the most basic building block of any digital system, but the puzzles of this map are anything but basic! If you do get stuck, there is some relief – as many of the levels are outfitted with water coolers and other developer paraphernalia to give you moral support in your hour of need!



by Technodono

If you remember back in May, the map Upwards explored a video game experience sans jumping. The protagonist of Verticuloid has a similar lot in life, but in exchange has been gifted with the most powerful Minecraft tool imaginable, one that your hoes & shovels would be nothing without – hands! Wielding the power of grasping appendages, you can place boxes around this puzzle map to get from one platform to another, power up iron doors, and eventually thwart the nameless villain who’s imprisoned you there. Forget thinking inside or outside them – start thinking with boxes (copyright still pending).



by Fergydorr

If, like me, you foolhardily assumed that Shulker Champions would be the tale of a small, unassuming team of shulkers whose lack of experience is redeemed by their comradery and never-give-up-attitude as they set their eyes on winning the local championship, then that is only half the story. What the championship consists of is the shulkers opening fire on one completely defenseless villager, and your job is to raise the platforms around the level in order to deflect the bullets and dash the little shulkers’ hopes and dreams. A happy ending!





by FarmerCreations


by NapkiinsA, m4xymoos


by Peepsibabe, Meddi & WelcomeHome 


If you are interested in learning more about programming, I’d really recommend checking out the Minecraft Hour of Code series, where you can try visual programming by dragging and dropping lines of code in order to help Steve & Alex on their quest to shear sheep, chop trees and other epic tasks!

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Happy Minecrafting!

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