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New on Java Realms: Mayhem! An image of floating TNT blocks

New on Java Realms: Destruction, Terror & Mayhem

8 new maps for aspiring and advanced explodists!

What do Alfred Nobel (inventor of the dynamite), Michael Bay (documentarian of explosions), creepers and me all have in common? A fondness for explosions, things that go boom and rapid expansions in volume along with extremely vigorous outward releases of energy (thanks Wikipedia!). Any movie without an explosion gets a 0 out of 10 on IMDB from me, I prefer my latte with extra gunpowder and please don’t invite me to your housewarming party unless the ‘warming’ is literal, and you plan to destroy a sufficient part of the house as part of the celebration. The following maps on Realms get me, give them a chance and maybe they will make your heart go kaboom as well!



by Teejers

Destroy is a minigame that is exactly what it says on the tin, if that tin is stuffed with explosives! Those with a PhD in destruction can just jump directly into the fray, but for those who are just dipping their toes into carnage creation there’s a crash course available! Tim the tutorial robot will teach you everything you need to know about redstone-powered TNT cannons and more. What’s it all for? To kill the sheep on the opposing team naturally. The halcyon days of your vanilla server are over, here you must have an exposive strategy in order to get your mutton and/or win!



by Wooferscoots

Boom Brawl on the other hand cuts out the middleman: instead of directing your ire at those pesky sheep, just blow each other up! The TNT served this time around only explodes outwards in horizontal, non-diagonal lines, so unless you have very compliant opponents, you will need to plan your explosive incursions ahead. Be cautious that this functionality is limited to Boom Brawl – using TNT to defrost your fridge and assuming that the roof and ceiling etc. won’t take any damage is not advisable, trust me I, uh, have a friend who knows.



by Dwalinn_ & _WABek_

After a long day of exploding stuff, I like to wind down with a round of throwing darts. Preferably at boards, and luckily enough Dartboard can supplement my needs on both accounts! One click determines your aim on the horizontal axis, one for the vertical and you will also be able to pick the force of your throw. Best believe that when that new cyborg arm enhancement I found on hits my mailbox, I’m uploading the Dartboard source code to it so I can dominate the competition and impress the populace of all the pubs in my city.





by Variant Builds


by VentureBT


by Team Abstract 


by Conem, Sofia, ayloh


by S0gga & CatOnTheWall 


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Happy Minecrafting!

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