New on Java Realms: Don’t Lose Yourself

11 new carefully constructed maps you better check out!

There's a troubling undercurrent being perpetuated in mainstream media, where spontaneous acts are romanticized as preferable to having a well-thought-out plan. Think about it – when was the last time a movie won an Academy Award wherein the protagonist’s meticulousness and foresight led them to their success in the last act? This preference for off-the-cuff decision making comes across as an unrealistic ideal for how real life works, and I for one will not stand for it!

Today is a celebration of carefulness. An appreciation of apprehension. We will delight in deliberation, as we look at our latest release of Java creations and see if being well-prepared and steadfast is the preferable course of action to spontaneity!


by The Brickmasons Team

The latest and hottest projectile based PvP goes by the name of Killstreak. And look – if you only had one shot, I’d think you wouldn’t want to just let it slip? Preparation here seems to be paramount to seizing everything you ever wanted in the moment (in this case, victory over your fellow Minecrafter). Knowing where your opponent is, how much life they have left – these are all questions that would be excellent to have researched before you take aim. Now perhaps this hypothetical is a bit unwarranted as you usually start with 32 arrows, but still.


by The People on Earth 

If there’s one situation where you do not want to be nervous it’s when you’re dropping bombs. Weak knees and heavy arms will translate to how you carry yourself in the act, and sweaty palms can lead to dropping the bombs prematurely outside the blast zone. Bomb Buddies is a cooperative game, where you and your co-destructors have a limited supply of TNT in order to destroy the various beautiful constructions that are doomed to an explody fate. It might even be that your friends are projecting a ‘calm and ready’ image on the surface, but are equally unsure of what to do. Communication is key here, talking up strategies before you go exploding is the path to success!


by Mrinin, LegendaryYT_HU & 7Keyz

Some battles in life are more lopsided than others. Destroyobot is a game where one player controls a cool giant-sized mech with a laser and TNT cannons. All other players start with only a bow and deep-seated envy which leads them to gang up against the poor robot. While you can gather a group of friends to play it, I found it was also a blast just playing it 1v1 against my fellow content coordinator Andreas (I was the mech). If your friend then feels like they have their backs against the ropes, tell them to snap back to reality and never give up or some other inspirational hogwash – and beat them again!



by Zaldoria


by OneiricForge 


by IjustWonLIFE


by Minermen Maps


by osme & Ian923


by Axyy, ItzEnd3r & SweetPotqto


by osme & Ian923


by taalaingg, ha6, hm4 & Zeter3k 


I’m gonna have to cut the postamble a bit short as I’m experiencing a bit of acid reflux. As an example of real-life consequences of bad preparation, my unwillingness to go to the store yesterday left me with only some leftover spaghetti my mother had cooked in the refrigerator, and I think it was in there for a month. Learn from my mistakes. 

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Happy Minecrafting!

Oskar Thysell
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Oskar Thysell