New on Java Realms: Worlds of Imagination

Seven new maps translated directly from the dreams of our players!

The world of dreams has been an inspiration for artists, inventors and blog writers for millenia. In this realm of infinite possibilities you can fly, fall, or even forget to wear your pants to class (I’m pretty sure Shakespeare milked 17 plays out of that last scenario alone). Nowhere is this deep well of imagination more tapped into than in our Java Realms mapmaking community. Think of your most far-fetched fantasy, then take a look at these 7 new maps.  You’re about to be awed and inspired to make a new list of dream goals. 

Spectral Zone

by DutchMC, iWacky, Mezimo

Have you ever dreamed of entering a Mondrian painting and walking around inside it? How about shooting rapid particle beams at your best friends within said painting? Spectral Zone will fulfill your fantasy! All players are entirely blacked out and can only be seen when walking by white/colored backgrounds or when you shoot! – make sure to not blow your cover (or be a lame camper, Matthew)!


by Command Realm Team

lright, have you ever dreamt of being completely invisible except for your boots? And then going to the shoe store to film the best prank video of all time? If only Minecraft minigames were real. Then again, the kicker here is that the opposing team is full of ne’er do-well shoe haters, hellbent on exterminating any rogue footwear caught unshackled from their human hosts! Stealthiators, stealthiate!

Midnight Heist

by BigNinjaChicken, InternetAlien, Denniss

Ok, bear with me cause this one is a long shot: have you ever wanted to perform a heist - at night? Mid- at that? Midnight Heist is titularly true, where players can take up roles as either larceny lovers or lawful liaisons and see if there is a way to sort out their differences. There must be a peaceful solution!

Editor’s note: There is not.  




Gold Rush Remastered

by Vertex Creations & Xisuma



by zun Nidhee Aqueze

Alpine Airport

by Celisio and ChrisBoi

Miner Golf

by The Minermen Team


If you’re someone who wishes there was a  replay button for your dreams sometimes, these maps have been brought back for you to experience again!

Magma Runner


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Happy Minecrafting!

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Oskar Thysell