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New on Java Realms: The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

Get jolly with these 12 new maps!

December has come, and everyone knows what time it is! Yes, folks of all ages are looking forward to the totally legit holiday Java Realms Day, which is a very annual tradition we’ve been celebrating for ages here! All year our mapmakers have been busy in the workshop, coming up with nifty experiences for everyone to enjoy – BUT – it is not time yet! As, uh, per tradition, December 7 kicks off the festivities with the 12 Maps of Java Realms-Mas (Editor’s note: colloquial term for Java Realms Day)! Enough preamble, let’s check the maps out!

Would You Rather

by Command Realm Team

There are many interesting hypothetical situations one can imagine.

What would you do if you only had 24 hours left? (Answer: freak out). What would you do if you could have dinner with any living/deceased person? (Answer: in the case of the latter, freak out). Would You Rather is the game show led by your affable host Gene, where the hypothetical questions aren’t so hypothetical.  Avoid radioactive bats or become a miner? Play the piano or survive a ghast apocalypse? Tough choices, make the right one!


by Jevin

The world of Sprint is governed by an unseen, deity-like entity with just one rule – always hold down the sprint button. Which doesn’t seem all too bad, and would probably keep you in the best shape of your life, but let go of the button and you get zapped. If you ain’t sprintin’ you ain’t livin’ is the motto, and while this makes it an unpleasant place to live, if your idea of a sweet vacation is fast-paced, adrenaline-spiking parkour, it’s the perfect trip!

Snowball Snipers

by Yeggs

Snow warfare has come a long way from just chucking snowballs at one another. I believe it was Sun Tzu who said “If your enemy just has a couple snowballs, you can probably beat them if you get some snow-walls and snowmen with automatic 6-shot snowball firing capabilities”. You can put this theory to test in Snowball Snipers, which gives you all these options and three different game modes! My favorite, Sled Hill, puts you in the ridiculously compromising position of having to ride a sleigh down a hill while getting pulverized by your jealous friends!


Parkour Pantheon

by Yeggs

Winter Village

by Celisio, ChrisBoi, and b3nj1

Road Runners

by Yeggs

Out of Oxygen

by Minermen Maps

Snow Dodge

by Lioneah, Dogery, ImADiamondPotato

Combat Cube 2

by ArcadiaLabs

Starlight Beacon

by NiekarioLinked and CmdVoid

Things Fall Apart

by Aqueze & Tamsu

Dog Ball: Redemption

by Yeggs


If that didn’t scratch your itch, Valley of the Kings has reclaimed its rightful place on the throne and is back on Realms as well!

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Happy Minecrafting!

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