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New on Java Realms: Realms Midsummer Celebration!

19 new maps walk into a Java Realms!

It’s the best time of the year in Sweden. The weather is finally bearable enough for us to leave our caves and visit the biome we call The Outside. Well, at least if you do it responsibly with a safe distance from your surroundings. For us, the key point of summer is the celebration you might have heard of called Realms Midsummer! This is an old tradition that takes place the Friday after the summer release of Java maps, where families gather to dance around a flowery construction of a Creeper. The dance is a ritualistic proposal to the Creeper, asking it ‘May I build in peace with your permission?’ and is therefore called the “Maypole”.

To make this year’s celebration extra special, we have a luxuriant 19 maps for you to form nostalgic future summer memories over! I wish I could write about them all, and that I would get paid per word for doing so, but we’re gonna delve into three of them and leave the rest for you to write your own articles about!


by The Command's Power

If there’s only one PvP experience you’re gonna play this year, make that ElementsBattle, until I tell you otherwise! We are taken to the world of wizardry, witchery and spellcasting, and here ElementsBattle prospers where other adaptations fail; forget institutionalized learning – just grab your wand and ignore all safety regulations! There are seven different fashionable wands to pick from, amongst them the Chaoswand, the Naturewand, and my personal favorite – the Blazewand – which has a sweet area-of-effect flame ring you can use to burn your fellow content coordinators to a crisp! All of them use the same control scheme for their 5 abilities, so when you get a feel for the game it’s very easy to try a new wand. You can also upgrade them throughout the game to specialize in the abilities you prefer the most!

The Illusioner Part 2

by LetzTaco & GhostFarts

Quick, name a famous trilogy… The Illusioner you say? Well, technically it’s not a trilogy yet as the last part isn’t out but I’ll let you off the hook for making this awesome segue into my talk about it! Yes, The Illusioner is back, with all the characters you know and love (well, except for – spoiler alert – the ones that were eaten by a giant candy god in the first part). Thrilling puzzles, even thrillier storylines and boss fights that would put Hollywood’s yearly output of thriller movies to shame!


by Dieuwt

Here’s a fun conversation starter to try out at your next shindig: what would you do if you were able to traverse through glass blocks as long as you weren't holding anything? You could reach into those claw machine things and arrange the prizes in a more beneficial way before you play! Coincidentally, this is also one of the puzzle mechanics of Soulless. You wanna grab that key? Make sure you got another way out than strutting through that glass! Other mechanics include blocks that let you fly, but you cannot change your altitude – which I think we should keep in mind as an idea for a zoning restriction once we all get our government mandated jetpacks.


Tranquil Gardens

by pollieboy & Vilder50

Falling Falling

by MrBurdy

Wool Conquest

by Lumesio


by Mynckey

Brain Get Brained

by AryFireZ

Beastly Betrayal

by Jontohil2


by MelonBP, hilligans, Rman

Dragon Wars

by Command Realm Team


by Cloud_Wolf


by BillehBawb & THEGamingninja

3D Graphing Calculator

by CommanderRedstone


by gibbsly & Vertex Creations

Complicated Parkour

by mickae, GlxyLuke, Yeatzy

Math Fractals

by Azerus Team

El Dorado

by Tomm2000 & jackk_ice


by Acented, Aeltumn, Grafisch


If that doesn’t do it, there’s a trick you can try out. Legend says if you gather seven flowers and place them under your bed, your dreams will be made into a Minecraft map by our community’s mapmakers! No IP royalties will be received.

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Happy Minecrafting!

Oskar Thysell
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Oskar Thysell

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