New on Java Realms: Magic havoc and zoom boom

A quick look at what’s happening on Java Realms in April

Welcome, and thank you for joining us for this episode of New on Realms – Home Edition™! I’m coming to you from my kitchen/office/indoor garden, and I’m thrilled to let you know all about the experiences coming to Java Realms today. These varied maps, as they say, throw in everything but the kitchen sink. But I know where the kitchen sink is; it’s right next to me. In my office. Okay, let's chat about some maps!

TNT Race

by Vertex Creations

TNT Race gets us off to a thrilling start in the first of this week’s explosion-powered maps. You’ve seen competitive parkour maps that feature running and jumping, but how about using explosions to boost yourself up? How about running up walls, then arcing towards the finish line with a riptide enchantment? The team member who reviewed TNT Race describes it as “super fun”, and so with that emphatic endorsement, you’re now obligated to try it out.

Boom Doom

by Command Realm Team

In the days of my youth, a popular game in the classroom was the classic “hot potato”. Presumably once played with a scorching spud, we used room-temperature bean bags, but the goal was the same: don’t be the one left holding onto the hot potato or lukewarm beans. Boom Doom plays similarly, except you don’t want to be caught with a mob nearby. If you do, the ensuing explosion knocks you out. Why do mobs explode? We don’t know! All we know is that you’re supposed to knock mobs around the arena, towards other players. Each mob has a countdown, and when it reaches zero… BOOM. Doom.

The Illusioner Part 1

by LetzTaco and GhostFarts

Three years ago we published The Witch on Java Realms. Three years is also how long it takes to get a law degree in some places, what a trip from Seattle to Miami would take, if you walked one hour a day, or roughly how long the year 2020 has felt so far. Three years is a long time in internet time, but LetzTaco is finally back with a sequel to The Witch. That map had you helping townsfolk and investigating a witch that was disturbing the small town, so what can we expect from the sequel? The Illusioner has you helping townfolk and investigating an illusionist that is disturbing a small town! But this time, you can also expect to travel inside the mayor’s head, get help from the tree elder, or travel to a land full of candy cultists, so it’s quite different from before. 


Moon Miners

by Brianthecoo

Hunter Mystery

by Kirill17, Frilled, and Xentrin

Terrain Palette Hills

by collage, Feran and OBLISION


by cloveeee

Worm Attack

by collage, PerfectKill, and A_Girl

World of Animals

by edelewill


by ImADiamondPotato, HypixelDoge, and Arrgs

Minute Rush

by qmagnet

Honey Missile Wars

by Chopper2112, Supersette, and kruthers

Serpent’s Revenge

by collage, edelewill, and Feran

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Happy Minecrafting!

Marc Watson
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Marc Watson