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New on Java Realms: It’s Java Realms Day

Celebrate the least made-up holiday with 17 new maps!

It’s the end of the year as we know it, and I know what you’re all thinking. What a great year! 104 maps have been added to the Java Realms library, and with today’s addition, that total becomes 121 for 2020! If you only had 121 hours left on your Realms account, you’d have a large selection to pick one out of to binge til the end!

The end of the year also brings our most beloved holiday of all. Yes, Java Realms Day is here, when the Content Team rides upon the sleigh pulled by the eight Realms-deer, tossing out maps in the faces of passersby and innocent bystanders alike. It’s an annual tradition by the least strict definition of the word, and everybody can/has to participate!

So, I would just like to wish everyone a happy Java Realms Day. It only comes a number of times a year we specify. Let’s kick off the festivities, shall we?

Tales of Glarthford

by McTsts, Asometric & a bunch of crows

Tales of Glarthford is the fully voice-acted, ten-level adventure extravaganza with a customizable avatar Java Realms enthusiasts have been waiting for! Every level gives you 24 hours in the titular village to complete a new objective; where you trade and talk with all the inhabitants to progress the story. Many characters will remain in their same conundrum they were yesterday, so if you didn’t beat the mayor in Pawnford (the national board game of Glarthfordians) you can try again the next day, and then proceed to beat him every day of the week! It’s basically Groundhog Day, but with slightly more turn-based combat.

Rogues 2

by ChainsawNinja, slabfred & Derpine

As we all know, Java Realms Day has no ties to religious beliefs. It’s free for all people around the world to mandatorily participate in. But if it was, we should totally worship the spirits in Rogues 2 y’all. They come with cool artwork and five unique abilities each that are easy to learn but hard to master. There’s Barbose the fear spirit, Emma the storm spirit, Sparket the fire spirit, Halt the spider spirit, Pluto the void spirit, and Vohelm the spirit of eating fruit (ok really it’s the guardian spirit but the sacred berries ability is so cool, plus it’s got totems you can summon to give you buffs and a knife you can level up). I’m sure you can’t guess which one is my favorite!

Block Combat

by Azerus Team

I bet you didn’t know that every Minecraft block has magical properties. Yes, cobblestones, oak logs, even lowly sponges can be activated by spending mana to cause devastating damage to your adversaries (well, not the sponge per se)! Block Combat is a turn-based PvP game, where every round you get five mana; you can spend it for one block apiece or use up your magical blocks, which have varying costs depending on the magnitude of the spell. Will you spend all five points to amass a selection of five blocks to choose from the next turn? Or use up your mana on whatever block you get and put your faith in the “heart of the blocks”? Well, I’m not gonna decide for you, I’m not your parent.


Crazy Quarries

by Calverin and J70

Block Runners

by Mint

Yeggs Tower Defense

by Yeggs

Sweet Homes

by Rick, Aqueze, Nidhee

Block In The Wall

by Yeggs

Redstone Puzzles

by MelonBP, Tim400, hilligans

Mushroom Forest

by Rick, Aqueze, Nidhee

Pufferfish Wars

by Denniss, marhjo & InternetAlien

Aphrodite’s Garden

by Nidhee, Aqueze, Rick

Dungeon Dwellers

by NiekarioLinked and CmdVoid

Worse Weapon

by Yeggs

Palm Resort Island

by ChrisBoi, Celisio, and _DVS

Sky Scapers

by Jayjo_, MCFilms, Frenderman

Wings Wars

By Azerus Team

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Jolly Minecrafting and have a great end of the year!

Oskar Thysell
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Oskar Thysell

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