New on Java Realms: An Eight Course Meal of Maps

Oskar takes us through what’s on the Realms menu!

Are you a Java Realms player who’s starving for delicious new content to enjoy this weekend? Bon appetit! Because eight marvelous new selections have been carefully chopped, prepared, and cooked into pixel perfection for you to digest. Sharpen your fangs, bring out your cutlery and favorite plates, because it's time to digest this convoluted metaphor that I will stop now. Maps please!


by Plagiatus, Etex and friends

Board games have it rough. Some of them can be mildly amusing, but they're just not Minecraft. Slay takes a board game-like concept and fixes this problem by adding the missing Minecraft ingredient. It’s a turn-based strategy game where you wage territorial conquest, but in Minecraft instead of on your living room floor, so you don’t have to worry about the cat swallowing your pieces and giving you an instant game over. Add in multiple cosmetic options and even a map generator and you may not ever want to look at ANY board again, neither skate-, ouija nor floor variety!

Trash Dig

By The Yeggs Team

Digging through trash: who doesn't like doing it? Is there anyone who'd reject an invite to the local weekend junkyard crawl? Hopefully those questions have made the posh stuffed shirts move on in disgust. The rest of you are welcome to this exclusive blog segment about trash digging! Trash Dig takes a 95 x 32 grid and generates a virtual scrapheap for you to dig through with your friends, with over 3.55 sesvigintillion layouts. Try them all! Er, somehow!


by Piyotato, TehPiyoNoob, Zhengy

I'm not gonna make any bones about it (nonexistent Skeleton lovers: sorry)... this is a PvP map. Two enter the PiyoChamber, only one leaves (er, actually, there is a free-for-all game mode where you can add more players as well). Minigames like these are like life, in that variety is the spice that makes it appetizing enough to shove into your mouth (is it noticeable that I wrote this blog post before lunch?). Thankfully, like my constant food metaphors, it delivers in spades! A multitude of maps, a cavalcade of cosmetics, and four cool game modes gives you a number of combinations to try out that I will not calculate as I had to send my calculator to the repair shop after that 3.55 sesvigintillion madness from the previous paragraph.

The Silent Heist

by Jontohil2

David vs. Goliath. Caesar vs. Vercingetorix. Me vs. the alarm clock every morning. Add Thief vs. Blind Man to this list of epic battles, and do it stat! Fate pitted me against my fellow content coordinator Sara on this one, who lost, and has no article in which to tell her side of the story. Ha! But lest you think this is a lopsided affair, the Blind Man has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to deal with the thieves, such as cool traps and an enraged mode that will trigger when enough larceny has taken place.

The thieves in turn have a fear system, which heightens the vision-impaired curmudgeon's alertness to their position. No, my success was all due my world-renowned thieving expertise and the fact that I'm the one writing this article. And then everyone at the office gave me a standing ovation!

Motor Course 2

by BrosephMC

Sequels are the bomb diggity. Why are we even bothering with making the original in the first place? If it was me in the driving seat, we would have just made Minecraft 2 to start with. Wait, no, Oskarcraft 2. Alas, not all sequels are of the quality the increased number next to their name make them out to be. The film franchise Speed, for instance, started out with a riveting tale of a fast moving bus, but was widely panned for featuring a kinda fast cruise ship in the follow-up. If you'd be willing to indulge me here, Motor Course 2 is the sequel that Speed deserved, and one I say we should retroactively replace in the film duology.  

Think about it. Motor Course 2 is a thrilling parkour map on cars moving through fast traffic in the city, forest and tunnels. The franchise could become a powerhouse to contend with, and one with much more diamond collecting on top of cars. Win-win. Keanu, call me!

Raft Rush

by MelonBP, Rman, RedSthunder00

Rafts On Ice - the Minecraft vehicle entity ice show I've been pitching for years or a three word description of this map? Why not both, Broadway executives browsing Minecraft articles? This wacky racing experience takes you to a wildly imaginative course where it's you and a raft vs. the ice. If 'fun' and 'frustrating' are synonyms in your book, or your Minecraft ice-boat motor skills surpass mine (which wouldn't be far-fetched), hop on this Raft and Rush towards the finish line!

Section Six

by Tumblrr, Enlighten, chunswae

If a virus was spreading throughout your world, but a small area was mysteriously left untouched, what would you do? This is a more isolated Minecraft experience than you’ll find in your average Realms map, but no less powerful for it. As any good work of literature worth its salt, Section Six's story is told through several journals scattered across a Minecraft map. Explore the forbiddingly quiet area and seek the surprising secrets of Section Six, s'now!

Jungle Castaway

by Tomm2000

There's a classic opener you can use for parties, Minecraft Festivals (topical!) and the Marooners message board I frequent: what three Minecraft items would you bring with you to a deserted island? If you want to practice for this hypothetical situation, run some tests in Jungle Castaway! Live out the fantasies your message boards cannot fully satisfy on a custom made island with run down buildings, wrecked boats and other shipwrecking paraphernalia. Instead of randomizing seeds in vanilla Minecraft until you get a starting spawn on an island (that's what everyone does right?), become a Jungle Castaway!


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Happy Minecrafting!

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