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To the Moon

Quickly now, before this build finishes destroying it!

Outer space is an infinite source of intrigue. The great unknown draws the curiosity of many and countless minds have crafted entire worlds in the great beyond. Christopher Nolan, fresh from making the movie that gave us the best bad guy voice of all time, journeyed to that wondrous expanse for Interstellar. It's the film that inspired AutomailED20, and his friend BlackWooz’s, most recent build.

“I love the ambience and the environment design of that movie,” says AutomailED20. “It’s just too beautiful and that kind of environment is what we want to capture in our build.”

Moon Destruction, Front Line In Space, is the Interstellar-inspired build he speaks of, a scene featuring a gigantic spacecraft, astronaut, and a severely damaged moon.

AutomailED20 is a creator from Indonesia with a handful of creations under his belt. He regularly collaborates with BlackWooz, also from Indonesia, and they teamed up to bring Moon Destruction together. Larger teams have crafted similar complex builds but this duo has three years of experience together that lend to a high degree of efficiency.

“I often look at things with their details first and then their structures. Detail shows whether a work is nicely made or just so-so,” AutomailED20 explains. He goes on to express that BlackWooz is his polar opposite creatively, which is what makes them a good team.

“He is good at structures, while I focus on details. I want people to look at our work not just in awe [of the scale], but feel the ambience and details.” AutomailED20’s previous projects took roughly two weeks to complete, which is the same amount it took for Moon Destruction, but he does consider it the largest and most ambitious thus far.

It’s one thing to see a massive structure like the spacecraft in Moon Destruction that AutomailED20 and Blackwooz built together, but another thing entirely to take in the full scene with the ship and damaged moon, feeling like there is a larger story taking place.

The damage on the moon alludes to some sort of conflict, and a casual viewer would think there’s a backstory to this build that its creators are deliberately keeping to themselves. But it turns out the damaged moon was ultimately a moment when accident turned to art.

"Detail shows whether a work is nicely made or just so-so"

“I copied a part of the moon's surface a bit too deep, but then BlackWooz played his part,” AutomailED20 says. “He changed the idea of that surface into a destroyed part and that surprisingly went well with our expedition ship.”

Throughout history, things that would be considered blemishes initially have regularly gone on to define works of art, and this instance is no different. Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places and BlackWooz happened to see something beautiful in that moment of destruction – something that seemed like a disaster in AutomailED20’s eyes initially!

When it comes to creating builds, no matter how small or large, some creators have to use other artistic mediums to help visualize the project as they work. As projects become more ambitious and complex, the more important an additional perspective becomes. The medium AutomailED20 turns to is actually one set into motion by his mother, who often made clay sculptures as he was growing up.

He found clay interesting when she would create souvenirs and other items, but his interests turned to drawing when she quit making sculptures. When he started trying to make Organics (builds that represent some sort of lifeform in Minecraft) he returned to his mom’s style and found many similarities between the clay and voxels. He says, about both styles, “you have to feel the objects, visualize, and shade.”

But after journeying to the stars for this creation, where does the creative duo go next? Further out into the cosmos? Inside the ship?

Actually, AutomailED20 has a very different type of fantasy in mind. He says that, in a perfect situation where he had an unlimited amount of time to build, he’d work on a Beauty and The Beast idea he and Blackwooz have been discussing.

“We planned to create a Beauty and The Beast-like build - fantasy-like, with a castle, magic, and a touch of other fairy tale things,” he says. AutomailED20’s largest barrier to free time is his university studies, but he thinks they may find time to work on this idea eventually.

Oh, and naturally, he’s studying Architecture. Lucky for us that a course on planetoid destruction isn't on the syllabus...

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