Monthly Skins: Ugly Sweaters

‘Tis the season where many of us don our most fabulously ugly sweaters. Some have our favorite characters and pop culture references, some are a bit more tacky or kitschy, and some are even homemade. We asked for you all to share your ugly sweater Minecraft skins with us, and we had an absolute blast reviewing the submissions. Now, let’s check out these wonderfully delightful sweater skins!

Kicking things off, we have this trio of reindeer inspired sweaters from (L to R) Malkberry, TeddyPlayer1, and Logis Logis Logis.

Serving up some quirky and cute is Charlel237 with their sweater inspired by a popular celebrity, Flamangoes and their friend hanging out with some ducks, and DombrowskyAnouk and their chicken sweater.

LoxyTheReindeer, Mejirushi owo, and Haden are giving cute patterns with a more traditional, dotted twist.

Coeluss, Farrell007, and Fragment96 on the other hand are creepin’ it real with some ssseasons greetings and a trip to the deep dark.

Adding some nice festive variety is Linky Playz, Adriana M., big potato, and ItIsLollipop with their cozy-looking sweater submissions.

These submissions by Itscord1 and frigus use traditional holiday colors but dress it up with some fun patterns.

Keeping the fun with colors going are KubaBabilon, ETW_Zero, and JingyBM. We’d definitely pull these off the rack! 

Finally, FBI Corporation, Toast, and Dazzles submissions really helped bring in the festive vibe. Just look at those cute snowmen! 

We loved seeing your creativity with these ugly sweaters, so thank you to everyone who participated. Want to share your creations? Please keep an eye out on our Discord server and Twitter for future community contests!  

Lindsey S.
Written By
Lindsey S.