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The Armadillo: one of the three new mobs that want to join Minecraft!

Mob Vote: Armadillo

Cast your vote from October 13

What’s that little brown block I see? Oh! That’s not a block – it’s one of the new mobs that wants to join Minecraft: the armadillo!

The armadillo calls the vast desert of the savannah biome its home, plodding serenely between the long grass – unless you surprise it! Just like a few of its real-world counterparts, the armadillo can roll into a blocky ball if startled – which looks just as cute as it sounds. The armadillo also drops a special scute, which you can use to craft something new: Wolf armor! Like horse armor, wolf armor will give your four-legged friend some extra defense. Perfect if you and your favorite pet tend to get surprised by skeletons after nightfall!

Do you want the armadillo to be the next mob to roll into Minecraft? Then cast your vote! The mob vote opens at 1 pm EDT October 13, and closes at 1:15 pm EDT on October 15. The winner will then be announced during Minecraft Live, which starts at 1 pm EDT on October 15!



This year, you can vote for your favorite new mob within Minecraft! Join the live event server on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to submit your vote, meet the Tinies, play mini-games, and even indulge in some mob parkour! You can also vote right here on, or via the Minecraft Launcher. You only get one vote too – so even if it looks like you pull those in-game server levers multiple times, know that only your final vote will be counted! 

To make sure the voting is fair and secure, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account to cast your vote via the in-game server,, or via the Minecraft Launcher.

Tune into Minecraft Live via our  YouTube channel or right here on on October 15, 1 pm EDT (or find your timezone here). See you there!

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Sophie Austin

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