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Mini Game Masters Glide onto Console

A sporty skinpack and new mini game - on consoles today

A new update soars majestically onto Console Edition today - bringing with it a new game mode and two new skin packs, among other improvements!

First up is Glide - a free new mini game in which players strive to beat the clock, the score, or each other by strapping on elytra and swooping round challenging tracks. Up to 16 players can compete at once, or scuffle over scores on the all new leaderboards, available on Xbox One and PS4. You can read all about it and watch the video we posted yesterday here! It’s pretty swish.

As you strive to out-swoop the competition, we want you to look like the champions you are, and so we’re releasing the Mini Game Masters Skin Pack today as well, featuring sporting skins fitting for any would-be winner. Whether you’re a beast of Battle, a titan of Tumble or a god at Glide, we have the streamlined spandex for you. Are you strong on defence? You should try out for Team Guardian. Got an explosive attacking style? Team Creeper might have an opening for you. Look like an undead biker, uh, wearing a chicken? Then I guess Team Zombie is a good fit. Congrats?

Whichever team you pick, prepare to out-style AND out-play your competitors!

As always, a handful of these skins are free - so check them out and see if the knee-pads are a good fit.

More of a team player? Then perhaps the Power Rangers Skin Pack will interest you. Also popping up for purchase with this update, this skin pack lets you assemble Saban’s classic squad of heroic protectors, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and/or pose as their outlandish foes. There’s more info on that skin pack here! Go Go!

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