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Minecraft x PUMA

New collection and DLC – pounce while it’s hot!

This is one I bet you didn’t see coming – just like ocelots never see me before I ambush them with treats and affection! Unlike real-life cats, who are sadly (and rightfully) always put off by my exuberant displays of adulation.  

Fortunately, the PUMA x Minecraft collection is here and perfectly comfortable with being coveted. Featuring sleek designs taken from the game, the apparel and footwear from this collection is perfect for when you want to adventure away from the screen – or just game in comfort and style. Check them out below: 

As you can see, there are several cool designs you can pick from and even mix and match! Will you blow everyone away with a creeper hoodie or just chill in an icy white logo tee? I’m planning on doing both at the same time because I like to give off confusing vibes. 

But will looking this cool make up for the fact that I have the team record for the shortest Survival run? No? Well, I beg to differ. Plus, with the accompanying Sprint Dash DLC for Bedrock Edition, it won’t be all about dodging unreasonably accurate skeleton arrows anymore – it’s about who is the fastest. Put on your Minecraft x PUMA streetwear and race your friends through three interactive maps including caves and cliffs, a cityscape, and a jungle.

You can upgrade and level up, collect trophies, and discover exciting surprises along the way! Visit the PUMA store to choose from over 20 skins and be forever faster in style. Or just look cool while watching the race from the sidelines, you do you! You can get the DLC on Minecraft Marketplace.

The Minecraft x PUMA collection is available now in online and retail PUMA stores as well as select PUMA partners. 

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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