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Minecraft x Crocs

Craft as you are in complete Crocs Comfort

Kicking back at home? Running an errand? Frolicking on a rocky beach? Using a hotel shower that you don’t want to stand in barefoot? That last one might only be relevant to yours truly, but I digress. My point is that Crocs are versatile enough for every one of those scenarios and more. And if you’re a Minecrafter, they just got even better.

Introducing the Minecraft x Crocs collection, featuring five fetching pairs of Crocs and two delightfully blocky sets of Jibbitz™ charms! Whether you live and play in Survival or Creative mode, these shoes are ready to adapt to your needs with the simple movement of a strap.  

Are you getting ready for an intense adventure in your Survival world? Put your Crocs in Sport mode so they stay on when a creeper surprises you. Planning a relaxing afternoon of Creative mode building? Flip the strap up and embrace Chill mode in-game and out.

The footwear collection includes two Classic Clogs (one for teens and adults, and one for kids), two Classic Elevated Clogs (one for teens and adults, and one for kids), as well as one Classic Slide for teens and up. All the designs pair great with the Minecraft-themed Jibbitz™ charms, which come in two different sets: a 5-pack of flat charms featuring Steve, Alex, an Enderman, a creeper, and a pig and an exclusive 13-pack of 3D charms that includes various characters, mobs, and blocks. Plus, the Classic Elevated Clog models come with four flat charms and four 3D charms!

Speaking of in-game and out, you can now download your very own pair of Minecraft x Crocs in the Dressing Room, for free*! Simply launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and open the Character Creator to claim the item. Of course, they are available in Sport and Chill mode, so they can fit the mood whether you’re tending to your farm or running away from a phantom. 

The Minecraft x Crocs collection is available now worldwide at, Crocs stores, Amazon, and retailers like Foot Locker and Journeys. Will you be a sporty survivalist or a chill creative?


*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately); Limit 1 free item per person/account; redeem Character Creator item by 12/31/23.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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