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Minecraft at Sydney Opera House

Australia! Minecraft is coming to you this July!

We’re not quite ready to reveal what’s happening with MINECON this year - but those Down Under are welcome to attend an all new event held in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House. It’s a fitting venue to witness the epic fantasy of Minecraft unfold, take part in the drama of competition, and mingle with superstars, dev-team divas and like-minded ‘crafters!

There are several events running across Sunday July 2 and Monday July 3, and you can get tickets from Sydney Opera House’s site. There are a few different tiers of ticket, depending on whether you want to take part in Australia’s first official Minecraft Competition, cheer on a friend, or simply check out the show.

If battling elite ‘crafters sounds too intense, there are plenty of other things to do and see: get cracking and make new friends in the Free Play Zone, or find a photo op in the Petting Zoo. Learn about learning itself in the Education Zone, or turn up dressed to impress the judges of our costume competition. Our very own Lydia Winters and Jens Bergensten will take the stage for a special presentation, too!

It’ll be a great time, so come along! Find out all about the event over at the Sydney Opera House site.

Photo by Michael Yore

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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