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Minecraft Spookyfest 2022 has arrived!

Spookyfest has arrived

Discover a month of spooky fun!

Grab your torch, friend, because today we’re venturing into the darkness to discover what spooky surprises October is hiding! As someone who tends to avoid both spooky things and surprises, I might be an unexpected torchbearer for such an adventure, but Minecraft isn’t all about cute builds and cuddly axolotls. No! It’s also about taking a deep breath, counting to ten, and then opening the door of your base to discover what that hissing sound outside is. If you promise to join me on my journey, then I’ll promise to be more courageous as we delve into Spookyfest – because this year is set to be spookier than ever!

From October 4 to November 9, you can trick your friends with printable masks, treat yourself with Marketplace adventures, or test your courage with Minecraft Dungeons seasonal trials as we celebrate all things spooky, all at once! I know I just promised to be more courageous, but perhaps instead of defeating in-game creepers (Scary! Inventory losses! Explosions!) how about I devour them in cake-pop form instead (recipe here)! See? There’s something for everyone this Spookyfest, whether you want to dive into the unknown, sword in hand, or get cozy near the fire! I tell you what, I’ll stay here and warm us up some mutton steaks, and you go see what that hissing noise is…

Marketplace's Spooky Season

Could it be a zombie? A creeper? Or maybe Marketplace’s Spooky Season, launching October 4! Delve into heart-thumping adventures and face up to mutated mobs, menacing mini-games, and more over at Minecraft Marketplace! You can even give your Realm-mates a shock by donning spooky new skins, and by claiming your three free Character Creator items to build the Cloaked Skull Armor set! There’s also a second paid persona set you can nab: the Hungriest Horror, based on this year’s Minecraft Dungeons seasonal adventure: Spooky Fall.


Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall

Between October 26 and November 9, grab your friends and delve into Minecraft Dungeons’ dark seasonal trials: Spooky Fall, where your bravery could earn you some time-limited rewards, such as the Red Phantom pet! It’s so cute, I almost want to take it back to into Minecraft with me. Sadly that’s impossible, but let me tell you a spooky secret: this October you will be able to dress as 13 familiar heroes in Minecraft!


A Heroic Crossover

From October 25, your favorite Minecraft Dungeons heroes are coming to Minecraft in a free skin pack! For the first time, you can tame an allay as Adrienne, fight the Ender Dragon as Hex, venture into the Nether as Valorie, take on the deep dark as Hal, and more!

Featuring 13 skins this skin pack, downloadable from Minecraft Marketplace, marks the first character crossover between Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft. I’m hoping donning Valorie’s skin will give me a bit more courage. That’s how courage works, right? You just borrow it from other people? I hope so. That’s also why I’m so excited to try some of the DIY Minecraft masks we’re looking at next!

Halloween Tricks and Treats

What’s more confident than a creeper sidling up to a base made entirely of sand? Nothing! Seeing as I made a promise to be more courageous, I’m definitely printing the creeper mask for my Spookyfest costume, but you can choose between any of these high-resolution masks, and dress up as an Enderman, a zombie, or even a Minecraft Dungeons-inspired Ghost Skeleton!

If you prefer costumes of the non-printable variety, there are If you prefer costumes of the non-printable variety, there are two accessible costumes you can check out: a soft jumpsuit Steve, complete with additional openings to make slinking in and out of it easier, and a wheelchair accessible pig costume! There’s also something called a “Snapchat filter” coming later in October, which I’m told lets you try on costumes using just your camera. Technology today! And here was me thinking the spyglass was advanced… 

There are also recipes to try, stencils to print out, and a spooky coloring page so you can throw the craftiest Spookyfest party ever. After all those tricks, you’ll have earned yourself a treat, and what better than a book? Curl up by your fireplace (blocky or real!) and dive into Minecraft: Zombies, a new cozy scary Minecraft tale. Check out some of these new products here!

I can hear that hissing again! Is it a creeper, getting closer? Or did I just open the oven to some delicious cake-pop sponge? I hope it’s the latter, because the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Skin Pack doesn’t release until October 25, and until then I’ll have to rely on my own courage, which is as fleeting as a potion made with glowstone dust…

Don’t miss Spookyfest, between October 4 and November 9!*


*Minecraft Marketplace content requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Dungeons content requires Minecraft Dungeons (each sold separately). Limit 1 of each item per person/account. Spookyfest begins 10/4/22 at 10 a.m. PST and ends 11/9 at 10 a.m. PST.


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