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Steve and Ari throwing Snowballs at a Breeze.

Minecraft Snapshot 24w14a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Hello Minecraft players! Today we have a Snapshot with some technical changes and bug fixes for you.

Technical Changes

  • The Data Pack version is now 38
  • The game now requires Java 21
  • The game now requires a 64-bit Operating System
  • The included Java distribution is now the Microsoft build of OpenJDK 21.0.2

Data Pack Version 38

  • Added replace field to the set_attributes loot function (default: true)
    • When false, attributes will be appended
  • The text field within filterable entries in book components has been renamed to raw to avoid ambiguity
  • The profile component and fields on player head items and blocks respectively now support resolving from a UUID
    • By specifying the id field without a name, the name and textures will be looked up

Fixed bugs in Snapshot 24w14a

  • MC-80142 - Power tag for wither skulls, small/dragon fireballs and wind charges is not synced correctly, leading to stuttering during flight
  • MC-266467 - Wind charges stutter when flying through the air
  • MC-268563 - Snowballs, eggs, experience bottles, and ender pearls are destroyed instead of being deflected when hitting breezes
  • MC-268597 - Hitting a breeze with a player reflected/dispensed wind charge causes it to become trapped within the breeze until it moves
  • MC-268727 - Server disconnects the client when sending a keepalive packet while transitioning out of configuration phase
  • MC-268877 - Beehives/bee nests in inventory lose honey level after converting to newer world version
  • MC-268945 - Some interfaces instantly close when opened from long distances when players have their "minecraft:player.block_interaction_range" attribute set to high values
  • MC-269355 - Heavy Core has no required tool
  • MC-269446 - "Are you sure you want to quit?" screen uses background blur
  • MC-269482 - The set_attributes function in loot tables no longer replaces default attribute modifiers
  • MC-269503 - Goat horn default instrument is missing when using /give
  • MC-269553 - Items with empty enchantments NBT tag do not upgrade as expected
  • MC-269596 - EntityTag of existing items is not upgraded to entity_data component
  • MC-269677 - Filterable "text" field conflicts with text components
  • MC-269684 - Commands accepting stack sizes are restricted to a maximum of 64
  • MC-269700 - Item count in "/item replace" is restricted to the default stack size
  • MC-269716 - Unable to craft the maximum possible allowed items using shift-click in the recipe book
  • MC-269960 - Ctrl + Pick block is not copying container data correctly
  • MC-269983 - Player Head Data is not evaluated when id is present
  • MC-269991 - Dragon breath particles look wrong
  • MC-270003 - Ominous banners are not "pick block"-ed properly
  • MC-270061 - Ctrl + Pick Block does not copy Trial Spawner data correctly
  • MC-270162 - The game crashes when attempting to upgrade a world from version 1.12.2 and below
  • MC-270187 - Command block's nbt cannot copy before second save

Get the Snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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