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A sniffer and a baby sniffer standing on ice, under the moonlight.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w13a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

In this week's snapshot 23w13a we're following up on all the new things in last week's snapshot with a big round of bug fixes. Happy mining!


  • GUI can be scaled on the Video Settings screen by holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel

Fixed bugs in Snapshot 23w13a

  • MC-159637 - Mobs with passengers have broken movements
  • MC-230916 - "Potted Flowering Azalea Bush Plant" uses the wrong texture
  • MC-256503 - Camel can swim sitting down
  • MC-256506 - Camels riding entities get permanently stuck in dash mode
  • MC-257246 - Horses do not make step_wood sounds when walking on Nether wood, cherry wood, bamboo wood, or stems
  • MC-257268 - The dashing animations of camels sometimes aren't displayed for other players
  • MC-259364 - The "item.minecraft.smithing_template.netherite_upgrade.base_slot_description" string is missing a serial comma
  • MC-260075 - Player holds brush by ferrule in third person
  • MC-260086 - Entities riding sniffers are positioned too low down
  • MC-260090 - Sniffers ignore the "minecraft:generic.movement_speed" attribute
  • MC-260093 - Particles spawned by brushes in the left hand move in the wrong direction
  • MC-260146 - Pink petals are not next to other flowers in the creative inventory
  • MC-260238 - Sniffer digging particles are produced slightly too high up
  • MC-260252 - Sniffer walking animation is broken when walking on ice
  • MC-260320 - Parity Issue: Snifflets (Baby Sniffers) have an inconsistent model with Bedrock
  • MC-260435 - Sniffers don't play their walking animation when moving through cobwebs
  • MC-260454 - Decorated pots are translated off-center when displayed on head
  • MC-260465 - The torchflower crop still has an age 2 blockstate that looks like the regular torchflower
  • MC-260693 - potted_torchflower is still not part of the #flower_pots block tag
  • MC-260834 - "Alpha" can play during gameplay
  • MC-260898 - Brushes can be used through entities
  • MC-260974 - Aggressive mobs can't control "vehicle" mobs
  • MC-261170 - Sniffer egg faces aren't culled when covered by blocks
  • MC-261181 - The "Glow and Behold!" advancement is granted when interacting with waxed signs while holding glow ink sacs
  • MC-261190 - Signs no longer resolve JSON text components
  • MC-261191 - Pitcher plants aren't part of the #minecraft:flowers or #minecraft:tall_flowers block tags
  • MC-261193 - Calibrated sculk sensor placed by commands is waterlogged by default
  • MC-261201 - Pitcher plant can be replaced by the use of placed blocks, which is not consistent with other tall flowers
  • MC-261204 - When is farmland broken under a pitcher crop, the crop doesn't get broken
  • MC-261205 - Using bone meal on pitcher pod (crop) advances several growth stages at once
  • MC-261206 - "A Seedy Place" advancement not granted when planting Pitcher Pods
  • MC-261213 - Sniffer eggs can be destroyed by fluids which is different from turtle eggs
  • MC-261223 - Editing a hanging sign with a right click doesn't work while holding a placeable object
  • MC-261224 - Editing sign from an angle (or the side) will edit the back instead of the front
  • MC-261229 - Crashes and Chunk Resetting involving Suspicious Sand with Loot Tables updating from 1.19.4
  • MC-261232 - Texture minecraft:block/sniffer_egg_slightly_cracked with size 40x32 limits mip level from 4 to 3
  • MC-261237 - Using bone meal on upper pitcher crop doesn't advance the age of the lower half
  • MC-261241 - Saddle equips sound plays twice when equipping a saddle on a camel
  • MC-261243 - Pitcher Crop isn't part of the #crops tag
  • MC-261262 - Raiser and Wayfinder smithing templates are offset by one pixel
  • MC-261264 - The advancement "Two by Two" is no longer obtainable due to the change to sniffer's breeding
  • MC-261275 - Sniffers drop moss blocks when killed

Get the Snapshot

Snapshot are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

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