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A chicken riding a cat riding a dog riding a donkey in a village.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

We're now releasing the first snapshot for Minecraft 1.19.4. This release contains new accessibility functionality, new commands and plenty of bug fixes!

Happy mining!


  • Vexes now use a separate charging animation when empty-handed
  • Armor Stands now preserve custom names when placed and broken


  • Added an accessibility onboarding screen for players launching the game for the first time
  • Added arrow key navigation
  • The Resource Pack screen is now keyboard-navigatable
  • Auto-Jump is now off by default
  • Added a new "Notification Display Time" accessibility option
    • Changes how long notifications such as unlocked recipes, advancements, subtitles and selected item names are visible for

Arrow key navigation

  • Menu screens can now be navigated by using the arrow keys
  • When navigating with arrow keys, sliders need to be activated by pressing Enter or Space to start changing the value

Technical Changes

  • The data pack version is now 11
  • Added a network protocol feature for forcing bundle of packets to be processed within same client tick
  • Added fallback fields to translate chat components
  • Out-of-bound arguments in translate formats are no longer silently ignored
  • The clone command now supports cloning to and from different dimensions
  • A new string source is now available for the data modify command
  • New execute sub-commands

Network Protocol

  • Clients now reset their Secure Chat session state when receiving the login packet

Packet bundles

  • Added new delimiter packet to clientbound game protocol
  • All packets between two delimiters are guaranteed to be processed within same tick
  • For security reasons this feature is not supported in serverbound direction

Block Behavior

  • Fire burns out faster in certain biomes, and this is now controlled by the increased_fire_burnout biome tag

Mob Spawning

  • The only_allows_snow_and_gold_rabbits biome tag has been renamed to spawns_gold_rabbits to match its behavior
  • White Rabbit variants are now controlled by the spawns_white_rabbits biome tag
  • Fox variants are now controlled by the spawns_snow_foxes biome tag

Mob Behavior

  • Snow Golems melting in warm biomes is now controlled by the snow_golem_melts biome tag



The clone command now supports specifying the source and target dimensions. New syntax:

clone [from <sourceDimension>] <begin> <end> [to <targetDimension>] <destination> ...


  • sourceDimension: id of dimension to clone from
  • targetDimension: id of dimension to clone to


New source available:

  • string <entity|block|storage> [path] [start] [end] - reads a value as text, resulting in a string value

New arguments:

  • start: Index of first character to include at the start of the string
  • end: Index of the first character to exclude at the end of the string


execute if|unless

New conditions available for the execute if|unless sub-command:

  • execute if|unless loaded <pos> - checks if the position given is fully loaded (in regard to both blocks and entities)
  • execute if|unless dimension <dimension> - checks if the execution is in a matching dimension


  • pos: Block position to check
  • dimension: A dimension id

execute on

New execute sub-command for selecting entities based on relation to the current executing entity:

  • execute on <relation>


  • vehicle - entity that the executing entity is riding
  • passengers - all entities directly riding the executing entity (no sub-passengers)
  • controller - entity that is controlling the executing entity (for example: first passenger in a boat)
  • owner - owner of the executing entity, if it is a tameable animal (like cats, wolves or parrots)
  • leasher - entity leading the executing entity with a leash (might be a leash knot in case of being attached to a fence)
  • target - attack target for the executing entity
  • attacker - last entity that damaged the executing entity in the previous 5 seconds

If the relation is not applicable to the executing entity or there are no entities matching it, selector returns zero elements.


  • All time arguments to title times are now time durations and work with t, s and d suffixes


  • The duration of the weather change now matches the game's regular weather cycle if not specified
  • The duration parameter is now a time duration in ticks and works with t, s and d suffixes
    • To retain existing functionality, you need to add an s suffix to pre-existing commands


New command to allow entities to start or stop riding other entities


  • ride <target> mount <vehicle>
    • Makes a single target mount a single vehicle
    • The command will fail if:
      • vehicle is a player
      • target is already riding a vehicle
      • target and vehicle are the same entity
      • vehicle is already a passenger (direct or indirect) of target
  • ride <target> dismount
    • Dismounts target from any vehicle it is riding
    • Fails if target is not riding anything

Game Rules

  • Added commandModificationBlockLimit, controlling the maximum number of blocks changed in one execution of clone, fill and fillbiome

Chat components

Translation fallback

Added an optional fallback field to translate text components.

  • The new field is a string that will be used in place of translation if it is missing
  • If fallback is missing, the old behavior (i.e. using the key itself as the translation) is preserved

Experimental Features

Note block interaction

  • Mob heads can now be placed on top of note blocks without sneaking

Fixed bugs in 23w03a

  • MC-26678 - Damage wobble no longer shows direction of incoming damage
  • MC-30403 - Sprinting isn't canceled when dismounting rideable entities while sprinting
  • MC-121048 - When an entity dies, the combat tracker only records the killing blow
  • MC-122595 - /weather command with duration 0 has the same weather for longer time
  • MC-136534 - All command blocks think they're facing south with caret notation
  • MC-149144 - Multiple buttons can be selected by pressing another button and Tab
  • MC-155433 - Minecart with hopper not picking matching items from a mixed pile
  • MC-165595 - Guardian beam does not render when over a certain "Time" in level.dat
  • MC-181832 - The "/spreadplayers" command doesn't spread entities in the specified dimension
  • MC-191942 - The buttons in the multiplayer menu are not evenly spaced
  • MC-222518 - Skeleton/Zombie Horse's & Donkey/Mule's saddles and chests are outdated/have errors
  • MC-224960 - The spectate command does not work between dimensions
  • MC-230678 - Cauldron fills with powder snow in frozen ocean biome while it's visually raining
  • MC-233893 - Burning mobs won't get extinguished by rain in warm patches of Frozen Ocean biome
  • MC-235260 - Hopper minecart at (0, 0, 0) transfers items slower than normal
  • MC-247836 - Riptide doesn't work in rain within a frozen ocean biome
  • MC-252773 - Goat Horn without instrument NBT and with other NBT data (such as text) does not play
  • MC-255545 - Magma Cube shadows do not change with size
  • MC-255811 - Level#isRainingAt(BlockPos) always returns false for snowy and frozen biomes, even when it is raining
  • MC-256292 - Goats don't spawn on grass after initial world generation
  • MC-256555 - Camel sits down for a split second when spawned
  • MC-256576 - Players become the controlling passengers of unsaddled camels when mounting them while other players are already riding them
  • MC-256838 - The facing direction of the camel doesn't match
  • MC-257082 - Sprinting whilst riding an entity or flying with elytra changes your field of view
  • MC-257346 - Vexes with empty hand make obscene gesture
  • MC-257418 - Camels sometimes sit down for a split second when receiving damage
  • MC-257755 - Elements within the realms menu are not selected in order when using the TAB key if you're not currently a member of any realm
  • MC-257875 - Fire charges aren't consumed when igniting creepers using them in survival or adventure mode
  • MC-258163 - ClientboundSectionBlocksUpdatePacket serialization breaks after 2^19 block states
  • MC-258173 - Entering an End Portal whilst sleeping causes the bed to be occupied permanently
  • MC-258246 - "Telemetry Data" button is missing an ellipsis
  • MC-258295 - Villager AI broken when workstation is nearby
  • MC-258430 - Camels with large LastPoseTime values offset the player view model strangely
  • MC-258953 - Out of memory screen has raw message in the title

Get the Snapshot

Snapshot are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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Written By
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