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A couple of axolotls in an ocean monument playing dead next to guardians.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w20a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Another snapshot is now going out. This time around, we fixed quite a few bugs, and we also introduced some changes to some Caves & Cliffs features, and additionally, we added some extra context for the narrator..

Changes in 21w20a

  • Actually made Geodes rarer this time
  • GUI narration now includes position and usage of hovered or focused element
  • Tilling Rooted Dirt with a Hoe will now convert it into Dirt, and pop out a Hanging Roots item
  • Axolotls will now only play dead when in water
  • Llamas no longer spit at players in peaceful mode

Changes to the Caves & Cliffs Preview

Download the updated datapack.

Technical changes in 21w20a

  • Added a new NBT tag for entities - “HasVisualFire” – which will cause any entity with this flag to visually appear on fire, even if they are not actually on fire

Fixed bugs in 21w20a

  • MC-610 - Grass / Flowers / Snow are placed incorrectly in newly created chunks
  • MC-102220 - Barrier Blocks are not shown when “Show Invisible Blocks” is selected in Save Structure Blocks
  • MC-149777 - Crash when loading world: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when using Java 11 or above
  • MC-172304 - Piglins, piglin brutes, hoglins, zoglins and axolotls can attack their own teammates
  • MC-189535 - Catching a fish in a bucket on creative mode doesn’t give player new bucket
  • MC-191338 - Name color for Minecart with Command Block is incorrect
  • MC-192591 - Name color for Structure Void is incorrect
  • MC-198200 - Crash when leaving out processors in a template pool: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive
  • MC-203712 - Amethyst Geodes cause floating water/lava to generate when intersecting water/lava caves/pools
  • MC-203867 - Amethyst geodes can overwrite bedrock
  • MC-204393 - Lava Cauldron emits redstone signal strength 1 instead of 3
  • MC-204902 - Dirt paths are no longer compatible with the programmer art resource pack
  • MC-205104 - Rideable mobs are not affected by powder snow’s freezing effect while being ridden
  • MC-205120 - Freezing hearts aren’t displayed properly in Programmer Art resource pack
  • MC-205250 - Amethyst geodes can generate in a stronghold and can potentially destroy the end portal frames
  • MC-205680 - minecraft:location_check predicate floating point imprecision
  • MC-206107 - Parrots sitting on shoulders do not freeze in powder snow
  • MC-206131 - Amethyst blocks are transparent / don’t conduct Redstone
  • MC-206601 - Potion particles are showing when looking through spyglass
  • MC-206839 - Pointed dripstones cause extreme durability damage to helmets
  • MC-207324 - Mobs and particles sometimes don’t fully render behind stained or tinted glass
  • MC-207366 - Trying to modify the world height of a world after it’s already been generated gives a null pointer exception
  • MC-208586 - Axolotls get stuck and spin constantly on top of lily pads
  • MC-208589 - Axolotls have a swimming animation (move their body up- and downwards) when on land
  • MC-208601 - Axolotls do not avoid lava when pathfinding
  • MC-208617 - Axolotls sometimes twitch rapidly when adjusting their rotation
  • MC-208641 - Axolotl movement glitch on stairs
  • MC-208649 - Breeding axolotl with a bucket of tropical gives back a bucket instead of a water bucket
  • MC-208654 - Collecting an axolotl with a water bucket in creative mode replaces the original bucket
  • MC-208675 - Axolotls sometimes use walking animation when in shallow water
  • MC-208682 - Axolotls frequently get stuck inside of waterlogged blocks
  • MC-208691 - Axolotls play dead even when they take damage without being attacked by an entity
  • MC-208735 - Axolotls attempt to pathfind towards unreachable water, then start spinning, eventually drying out and dying
  • MC-209324 - Pointed Dripstone can be broken with tridents in spawn protection
  • MC-212125 - Only one glow lichen drops when using shears on multiple in a single block space
  • MC-212531 - Shulkers can rotate their heads up and down
  • MC-212931 - Fire extinguishing sound doesn’t play when mobs are extinguished with rain/water
  • MC-214041 - Mob can’t properly or difficult walk on big dripleaf, when the big dripleaf is 4 blocks or more from the ground
  • MC-214909 - Top half of a small dripleaf can turn into a ghost block when placing it in water while the water is being removed
  • MC-215665 - Amethyst Geodes can overlap with dungeons
  • MC-216214 - netherrack_replace_blobs with water as target crashes the game
  • MC-216980 - Comma splices in two source strings (EN_US)
  • MC-217113 - Foxes spawned inside of powder snow sleeps
  • MC-217608 - The big dripleaf texture is not vertically centered
  • MC-217742 - Campfires and TNT can be lit by players using arrows shot from flame bows in spawn protection
  • MC-219856 - F3 + L isn’t sorted alphabetically in the debug screen
  • MC-219870 - The Mojang loading screen upon start up flashes black
  • MC-220063 - Sweet berries and glow berries sound events are named extremely differently
  • MC-220128 - Parity Issue: Rooted dirt won’t turn into the dirt and drop roots item after tilling with hoe in Java
  • MC-220694 - Name color for knowledge book is incorrect
  • MC-220867 - Fossils can generate through bedrock
  • MC-221566 - Name color for light is incorrect
  • MC-221694 - Strays do not spawn in powder snow
  • MC-221833 - Light blocks are not shown within structure block bounds with Show Invisible Blocks on
  • MC-221863 - Powder Snow can be broken by players on fire in spawn protection
  • MC-221984 - Collecting an axolotl in a bucket and then placing it resets its kill cooldown
  • MC-222002 - Light item displays the wrong level number
  • MC-222116 - Splash water bottles doesn’t extinguish candle cakes
  • MC-222797 - Axolotl can be bred with just tropical fish items, not just bucket ones
  • MC-223322 - Chorus flowers can be broken with projectiles in spawn protection
  • MC-223372 - You can decrease the level of a water or powder snow cauldron, through the use of an entity on fire in spawn protection
  • MC-224320 - minecraft.used:minecraft.potion doesn’t increase when filling a partially filled cauldron with a water bottle
  • MC-224322 - Powder snow can create ghost blocks in creative mode
  • MC-224480 - Powder snow doesn’t melt into water in cauldrons
  • MC-224482 - Superflat presets no longer generate with decorations
  • MC-225078 - Upgrading from 1.12.2 and below will cause items to lose enchantments
  • MC-225253 - Dying in a nether portal softlocks the player on the “You Died!” menu
  • MC-225347 - cave_vines_plant isn’t in #bee_growables
  • MC-225352 - Geodes have not been made “significantly rarer”
  • MC-225360 - Cannot resolve SRV records: unknown host

Get the snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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