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Minecraft Snapshot 19w38b

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

This snapshot contains a few bugfixes and some technical changes. However, we've also made some underlying changes to our rendering system. If you notice anything graphically odd, please make sure to report it on the Minecraft issue tracker.

Changes in 19w38b

  • Fixed a bug

Fixed bug in 19w38b

  • MC-161268 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException while tesselating block model / Game crashes when breaking a block

Changes in 19w38a

  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Some technical changes, listed below


Loot table predicates can now be defined in separate files and used for entity selectors and in execute if command.

  • Added general-purpose storage for data commands.
  • Extended advancement and loot table predicates.
  • Extended schedule command to allow scheduling function multiple times

Entity Predicate


Entity predicate now accepts player field, which checks player properties. Fails when entity is not player.

  • level - range of allowed player levels
  • gamemode - same values as /gamemode command
  • stats - list of statistics to match. Entry fields: type (like minecraft:custom), stat (like minecraft:sneak_time) and value (int range)
  • recipes - map of recipe ids. Boolean value tells if it should or should not be known to player
  • advancements - map of advancement ids. If value is boolean, checks if advancement is done. If value is object, checks completion of criterions.


Entity predicate now accepts team field, which matches team name.

Location predicate

block and fluid

Predicate also accepts block and fluid sub-predicate. Available fields:

  • block/fluid - exact block/fluid id to match
  • tag - block/fluid tag to match
  • nbt - matcher for block entity NBT (only for blocks)
  • state - map of name-value properties. Value can be integer, boolean or string or object with optional min and max properties.


Predicate now accepts light sub-predicate. Object has one integer range - light that matches visible light (max(sky-darkening,block)).



  • Data commands can now use storage as target. This is general-purpose, key-value storage.
    • Storage is shared between all dimensions in level.
    • Data in storage persist between reloads.

execute if predicate

New subcommand evaluates custom predicates (defined in predicates directory of datapack).


  • Added new syntax /schedule ... [append|replace] (/schedule ... defaults to replace)
  • Added new syntax /schedule clear <id> to remove existing schedules (returns number of removed schedules)

Entity selectors

New selector parameter predicate allows to apply custom custom predicate (defined in predicates directory of datapack).


The kill command now defaults to @s if no target argument is given.

Custom predicates

Condition part of loot tables can now be defined as separate data pack resource in predicates directory.

Loot tables


New parameters added:

  • offsetXoffsetYoffsetZ - optional offsets to location

time_check condition

New condition that checks day time.


  • value - range of accepted values
  • period - if present, time will be modulo-divided by this value (for example, if set to 24000, value will operate on time of day)

New conditions


Includes condition defined in predicates directory of datapack, selected with name parameter.

Fixed bugs in 19w38a

  • MC-70111 - When a thrown ender pearl is in the air, it disappears after relogging and you don’t get teleported.
  • MC-96207 - Boat breaking lily pad creates too much particles
  • MC-101247 - Horses, donkeys, mules, and boats sometimes disappear after dismounting
  • MC-103672 - Steerable ridden entity (boat / pig / horse) teleports back to previous position for short moment on dismount
  • MC-136367 - When exiting a boat it will put you on top of the boat
  • MC-138465 - Ender pearl forgets owner after reload(of game or chunks)
  • MC-157697 - Unplayable conditions when Pillagers loaded. Extreme lag spikes.
  • MC-158373 - Raid horn sounds play globally in all villages
  • MC-158414 - When riding an entity, players appear to be at the location they mounted it at as soon as they are out of range
  • MC-160367 - Pillagers don’t despawn
  • MC-160919 - Disabling fire damage does not disable magma block damage

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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