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Minecraft Snapshot 18w20c

A Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot

Three snapshots in one week. Crazy how nature do that.

Changes in 18W20A

  • Sleeping in creative mode is now more comfortable
  • All worlds created in older snapshots should finally be openable again
  • Fire no longer spreads everywhere
  • Lots of bugfixes

Changes in 18W20B

  • Bugfixes!

Changes in 18W20C

  • More bugfixes!

Fixed bugs in 18W20A

  • MC-9620 - F1 and open chat makes hotbar appear
  • MC-116928 - Command block and spawner minecart data fixer not working correctly
  • MC-121743 - Feedback of some commands uses OS locale for formatting decimal numbers
  • MC-122331 - Shield with banner has broken colors
  • MC-122428 - Fire doesn't disappear / Fire spread too quick
  • MC-123136 - Vines placed against the ceiling and the wall are not upgraded correctly
  • MC-123224 - Levers placed on the ground and ceiling rotate when upgrading
  • MC-123466 - Scheduled block updates are lost when upgrading a world from 1.12.2
  • MC-123790 - "italic":false in custom item names does not make name non-italic
  • MC-124065 - Spawn Egg Data Loss on 1.7.10 -> 1.13 Upgrade
  • MC-124112 - Renamed placed droppers lose their custom name when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-124203 - Right clicking adult skeleton horse or mule with spawn egg does not spawn baby
  • MC-124343 - Command block minecart data walker never runs due to comparing different types
  • MC-124496 - Debug Stick text is not translated in other languages
  • MC-124998 - Command block minecarts disappear upon reloading the world
  • MC-125091 - Bonemeal doesn't place flowers on plains biome
  • MC-125092 - Bonemeal stops placing plants after placing flower
  • MC-125182 - Block Entities are not upgraded properly when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-125307 - When a trident hits a mob, it will not fall right below it
  • MC-125310 - Trident can penetrate the closed shulker / wither / ender dragon / invulnerable mobs
  • MC-125342 - Trident cannot destroy the armor stand
  • MC-125362 - Attribute modifier tooltips use OS locale
  • MC-125408 - Loyalty tridents return to spectators (but don't get picked up)
  • MC-125615 - Some end cities don't generate completely
  • MC-125799 - Chests placed in earlier versions make no sound when opened
  • MC-125919 - Tridents enchanted with channeling will work in the end during a thunderstorm under certain conditions
  • MC-126118 - The fish mobs are missing their translation strings
  • MC-126241 - Crash on World Load - Skyblock 2.1 Vanilla
  • MC-126300 - Unlike sword, trident can accidentally break blocks in creative mode
  • MC-126373 - Density of nether and overworld ore veins significantly lower in 18w versions
  • MC-126796 - Tropical fish are disappearing
  • MC-126883 - Shulkers becomes dark purple when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-127027 - Squid's ink clouds appear to render/spawn sideways or lopsided
  • MC-127250 - Drowned Chicken Rider is invincible and doesn't attack player
  • MC-127252 - Killing the Drowned mob doesn't count towards the Monster Hunter/Monsters Hunted advancements
  • MC-127301 - Shipwrecks always face north
  • MC-127478 - Texture metadata parsing fails if animation block is not present
  • MC-127730 - Fish have a strange shadow
  • MC-127993 - Solid blocks placed on unhydrated farmland
  • MC-128013 - Player can walk on the water with slow falling effect.
  • MC-128472 - When swimming, the player can stand up even though there is a block above
  • MC-128495 - Igloos often fail to generate completely
  • MC-128615 - Cod and salmon loot table have redundant set_count function
  • MC-128851 - The "A Furious Cocktail" advancement does not require Resistance
  • MC-129409 - Water acts like air on multiplayer

Fixed bugs in 18W20B

  • MC-77856 - "" Translation Uses Explicit "F2" Reference
  • MC-121287 - Minecraft Realms button does absolutely nothing
  • MC-124024 - click- and hoverEvents are not removed from item and entity names before they are shown in chat, allowing tricking players
  • MC-128234 - Conduits have "missing texture" breaking particle
  • MC-128236 - Conduits are waterlogged when placed out of water
  • MC-128237 - Conduits, kelp, coral (fans) and (tall) seagrass have full hitboxes
  • MC-128253 - Water in cauldron isn't tinted
  • MC-128311 - Conduit allows coral fan, sea pickle, torches, ladders, button, lever, tripwire hook, vines, snow and flower pot to be placed on it
  • MC-128321 - Conduit power is listed as negative status effect
  • MC-128354 - Conduit has unused Core Texture
  • MC-129615 - All command blocks lose all nbt data on update to 18w20a

Fixed bugs in 18W20C

  • MC-121377 - First character typed in command blocks doesn't let you hit "done"
  • MC-121673 - Rotation selector arguments do not allow max to be lower than min
  • MC-123041 - Cannot ride the tamed horse, when hold the tools, weapons and non-food items
  • MC-123672 - Barrier blocks affect sunlight
  • MC-125237 - Trident lights up nearby entities when thrown or in ground
  • MC-125365 - Strong potion of slowness gives slowness level V
  • MC-125625 - Glass panes, fences, iron bars and cobblestone walls sometimes fail to upgrade
  • MC-126559 - Big chests are split into small chests
  • MC-126993 - Some blocks in ocean ruins generate with waterlogged:false
  • MC-128234 - Conduits have the wrong breaking particle
  • MC-128243 - Dolphins do not try to get into the water
  • MC-128346 - Double chest opens as one chest
  • MC-128393 - Conduit connects to fences, walls, iron bars and glass panes
  • MC-129517 - Game crashes while loading chunks with player heads
  • MC-129657 - End Cities don't generate at all in positive co-ordinates
  • MC-129709 - Chests, signs, beds, shulker boxes, etc. overlay missing texture when mining
  • MC-129732 - Conduit cannot be activated by dark prismarine
  • MC-129733 - Conduit only spins when it has the maximum number of prismarine blocks
  • MC-129738 - Trees generating in the ground or not at all
  • MC-129747 - Village generates partially in the ground

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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