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Minecraft Snapshot 17w48a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13

This weeks snapshot brings us customisable recipes in data packs, and lots of bug fixes to last weeks snapshot!

Changes in 17w48a

  • Tweaks to the command suggestion UI
  • Implemented tab-completion for coordinates
  • Recipes are now loaded from data packs in data/(namespace)/recipes/(name).json
  • Turning off vanilla data pack will also remove all recipes
  • Fixed bug MC-1685 - Unable to write in a new blank Book and Quill after renaming it in an anvil
  • Fixed bug MC-1875 - Snow layers don't drop themselves when harvested with a silk touch tool
  • Fixed bug MC-4581 - Fishing rod bobbers can go through Nether/End Portals, but disappear
  • Fixed bug MC-4923 - Flint and steel can place fire at invalid positions
  • Fixed bug MC-5024 - Reticle/Crosshair not centered on the screen
  • Fixed bug MC-5037 - Riding a pig / horse with a cape causes it to not behave as expected
  • Fixed bug MC-5305 - Burning arrows in ground are not extinguished by rain
  • Fixed bug MC-11138 - Creative inventory GUI border are considered as exterior to the inventory
  • Fixed bug MC-75279 - Cape physics while sprint-flying
  • Fixed bug MC-88230 - When feeding a tamed horse or llama with a golden apple/carrot or hay bale, the cursor moves to the right
  • Fixed bug MC-115123 - Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders
  • Fixed bug MC-118408 - Torches and redstone torches cannot be placed on top of a Jack o'Lantern but can be placed on pumpkin
  • Fixed bug MC-121379 - Functions, advancements and loot tables allow other filetypes than .mcfunction and .json
  • Fixed bug MC-121638 - Anvil renaming only works client-side
  • Fixed bug MC-121664 - Unable to tab-complete coordinates
  • Fixed bug MC-121781 - execute if block doesn't work when used alone
  • Fixed bug MC-122147 - Acacia fence, fence gate and pressure plate are stored after dark oak ones in Creative inventory
  • Fixed bug MC-122195 - Collision box of cauldron and ender portal frame with ender eye inside is slightly wrong
  • Fixed bug MC-122211 - Boat jitters when you turn
  • Fixed bug MC-122313 - Tuning a note block with a block on top emits particle and sound
  • Fixed bug MC-122319 - Banners are not stackable
  • Fixed bug MC-122322 - Short-pulsed sticky piston pushing a block creates second arm
  • Fixed bug MC-122325 - Difficult to place a block on top of hoppers and cauldrons
  • Fixed bug MC-122336 - Shields are unaligned to player
  • Fixed bug MC-122340 - Spawn egg the spawning destination is one block higher than the original
  • Fixed bug MC-122347 - Can't open shulker boxes or chests on LAN world
  • Fixed bug MC-122350 - Crafting a lime or magenta banner makes wool instead
  • Fixed bug MC-122363 - Wooden pressure plates and buttons aren't grouped in the recipe book.
  • Fixed bug MC-122365 - Recipes for cut sandstone and chiseled sandstone are reversed
  • Fixed bug MC-122367 - Lily pads can't be placed when blocks are highlighted
  • Fixed bug MC-122379 - Dyed sheep drop their original wool color
  • Fixed bug MC-122382 - Sugar cane replaces blocks when growing
  • Fixed bug MC-122395 - Custom player heads are called "block.minecraft.player_headnamed"
  • Fixed bug MC-122414 - Pumpkin pie can be crafted with carved pumpkins
  • Fixed bug MC-122430 - Left click with debug stick while shifting does not show property for blocks with only one property
  • Fixed bug MC-122440 - Bone blocks under note blocks don't make correct sound
  • Fixed bug MC-122453 - Attached melon and pumpkin stems do not break when farmland below is trampled
  • Fixed bug MC-122456 - Fall through End Portal Frame
  • Fixed bug MC-122496 - Missing cancel button on backup screen
  • Fixed bug MC-122577 - Mobs get stuck in the cauldron

A warning

This snapshot should be considered "fairly experimental, dude". From a scale of 1-10 where 1 is experimental and 10 is stable, this is a tentative 3.

Back up your worlds before trying them in this snapshot. Don't expect worlds played in this snapshot to work in future snapshots. Don't expect worlds played in last weeks snapshot to work in this weeks snapshot.

Resource packs

They broke in last weeks snapshot, but we forgot to update the format number so they didn't warn you in game. We've fixed that and now every outdated resource pack will warn you if you try to use it.

Install the snapshot

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, we can't fix it!

To get snapshots, open your launcher and go to the "launch options" tab. Check the box saying "Enable snapshots" and save. To switch between the snapshot and normal version, you can find a new dropdow menu next to the "Play" button. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (In the "launch options" page).

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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