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Minecraft Preview

A Minecraft Bedrock Edition Preview

The mace is smashing its way into your worlds! Use its smash attack while falling and time it just right to knock back your enemies – the longer you fall, the stronger the blow! Craft this new weapon by combining a breeze rod with the heavy core, a new item you can find by unlocking trial chamber vaults.

Alongside the mace this week there are also new pottery sherds to collect, new armor trims to covet, and new banner designs to decorate your base with! Show the world (and your server) that you’ve bested the trial chambers with the flow or bolt armor trims. Declare yourself a breeze fan with two new banner designs, or bring a piece of the trial chambers home with new pottery sherd designs – all in testing now!

Your continued feedback is really helping shape the 1.21 update! Please let us know what you think at and report any bugs you find on

Experimental Features:


  • A new heavy weapon to smash your enemies!
  • Leverage the weight of this new weapon to deal additional damage the farther you fall before hitting your target
    • Try it out by jumping down toward your target, and hit them before you hit the ground
    • Successfully striking a target in this way will negate any damage accumulated from the fall, similar to how a Wind Charge works
    • Other entities near the struck enemy will be knocked back by the immense force of the Mace
  • Using a Mace will decrease its durability like any other weapon; repair it with Breeze Rods at an Anvil
  • Players can use a Mace in combination with Wind Charges to launch up and deliver devastating smash attacks on their enemies
  • We'd love to hear your feedback on the Mace at

Breeze Rod

  • A new item dropped by the Breeze that can be crafted into 4 Wind Charges, or used with the Heavy Core to craft the Mace

Heavy Core

  • A mysterious, dense block which can be combined with a Breeze Rod to craft the Mace
  • Heavy Cores can be obtained from Vaults

New Armor Trims

  • Added Bolt and Flow Armor Trims and Smithing Templates
  • These new Armor Trims can be obtained from Vaults
  • Bolt can be duplicated using a Copper Block or Waxed Copper
  • Flow can be duplicated using a Breeze Rod

New Banner Patterns

  • Added Flow and Guster Banner Patterns
  • These new Banner Patterns can be obtained from Vaults

New Pottery Sherds

  • Added Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds
  • These new Pottery Sherds appear on Decorated Pots throughout Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers

  • Added new chambers and variations, with new challenges!
    • Remade chamber_9, and renamed it to “slanted”
    • Remade chamber_3, and renamed it to “pedestal”
  • Added Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds to the Decorated Pots in the decor structure pool
  • Trial Spawners will now appear more frequently in the corridors
  • Changed the layout of blocks around the Vaults
  • The loot tables of Vaults in Trial Chambers have been updated to address some inventory management issues
    • You will now get no more than 1 unstackable item per Vault
    • You will more often get rewards which can stack together
    • Horse Armor and Saddles have been removed from the loot table
  • Vaults in Trial Chambers can now eject:
    • Wind Charges
    • Bolt Armor Trim Smithing Template
    • Flow Armor Trim Smithing Template
    • Flow Banner Pattern
    • Guster Banner Pattern
    • Heavy Core


  • Made the Breeze breathe with its eyes instead of feet to avoid drowning in water
  • The Breeze now drops 1-2 Breeze Rods when killed by a player
    • The number of Breeze Rods dropped is affected by looting enchantments

Features and Bug Fixes:


  • The Armadillo walking animation has been accelerated, bringing it closer to the pace it has in Java Edition (MCPE-178442)


  • Fixed an issue causing Beds placed across chunk borders to sometimes break or turn invisible (MCPE-31389)

Character Creator

  • Reduced frame stutter when encountering a Character Creator skin in-game

Game Tips

To help new players learn the basics of Minecraft we’re adding more game tips.

  • Now you can get hints for jumping, flying, sneaking, and how to use and place a Crafting Table
  • We’ve also added a hint on how to open your inventory if you’re on a touch device


  • Fixed occasional double placement of blocks when bridging (MCPE-123455)


  • Increased maximum render distance to 36 for Xbox Series consoles


  • Players no longer crawl after sneaking onto a Bed with a 1.5 block gap above it


  • Fixed instance of singular ‘Realm Stories members’ to plural ‘Realms Stories members’ to be consistent across screens (Preview only)
  • Fixed a softlock that would occur when navigating to Realms Stories from the in-game menu while the Death Screen is active (Preview only)
  • Fixed issue where narration wasn’t reading Medium Realm Event posts as expected

Vanilla Parity

  • Shields can now partially block damage dealt by Guardians and Elder Guardians’ laser attack

Wolf Armor

  • Particles are now emitted when Wolf Armor breaks (MCPE-179264)
  • Wolf Armor can now partially block damage dealt by Guardians and Elder Guardians’ laser attack
  • Wolves wearing Wolf Armor now trigger post-hit damage immunity, preventing the item’s rapid destruction by continuous damage sources like lava, Slimes, and Magma Cubes
  • Holding a Shield and Wolf Armor simultaneously no longer causes a line of gray voxels to be rendered in the left half of the screen (MCPE-179255)
  • Wolf Armor can now also be repaired on Anvils using Armadillo Scutes (MCPE-179254)
  • Wolf Armor sounds have been updated

Technical Updates:


  • Moved EntityType and EntityTypes from beta to 1.11.0
  • Released playMusic,Player.queueMusic, Player.stopMusic from beta to 1.11.0
  • Removed BlockAreaSize from beta and replaced usages with Vector3
  • Renamed parameter itemCategory in getItemCooldown and player.startItemCooldown to cooldownCategory
  • Changed type to only EnchantmentType to follow API guidelines
  • Added EnchantmentSlot and slots to beta for determining the enchantable slots of an item
  • Added ‘minecraft:custom_components’ block component under the Beta APIs feature flag


  • Updated /titleraw and /tellraw to include support for rendering input key glyphs


  • Added spawn categories to Bedrock. They will be used in the future for mob spawning. Spawn categories have been enabled in entity behavior pack files, but are not yet functional
  • Fixed an issue where should_update_bones_and_effects_offscreen and should_update_effects_offscreen were being ignored

Experimental Technical Updates:


  • Improved texture filtering for renderchunks to smooth the transition between LODs
  • Added a new feature to the Deferred Technical Preview: Sky Reflections. This new effect will reflect the sky on surfaces depending on their roughness and other surface properties. See the updated Getting Started with Deferred Lighting article on the Learning Portal for more information. Note that since these are reflections of the sky, reflections will not be visible when in caves, indoors or the Nether. Reflections for these scenarios and of other objects such as the terrain and entities will be added in future updates.


The Editor and its corresponding API are in early development, and available for keyboard/mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview builds. Tag us on social channels with #BedrockEditor.

Learn how to use the Editor, join the GitHub Discussion forum to engage with the team, and get started building extensions via the starter kit and samples.

Improvements this week:

  • Added three classes: the IBlockPaletteItem interface and the ProbabilityBlockPaletteItem and SimpleBlockPaletteItem concrete classes. These classes will be used in the later implementation of the Block Palette
  • Tool mode screen layout will now be using a fixed drawer system rather than floating window panels. Drawers panels support drag to resize, expand/collapse, and show/hide behaviors
  • bindPropertyPane API function will now only bind a single pane to the tool. Bound pane will be displayed in the layout drawer next to the tool rail on tool activation. It is recommended to update the pane state once it’s associated with the tool to ensure it’s displayed correctly
  • Changed top level menus to show up only when they contain items
  • Added uniqueId property to IMenuCreationParams API which will replace IMenu id on creation
  • Added menubar: IMenuContainer property to IPlayerUISession. IMenuContainer will manage menu related operations
    • Added getMenu method to IMenuContainer to return an existing menu item. Predefined editor menus can be retrieved with the new CoreMenuType enum
    • Moved createMenu from IPlayerUISession to IMenuContainer


  • Added BlockComponentStepOnEvent for beta
  • Added BlockRegistry for beta
  • Added WorldInitializeBeforeEvent
  • Added BlockCustomComponent
  • Dimension:
    • Added function getBlocks(volume: BlockVolumeBase, filter: BlockFilter, allowUnloadedChunks?: boolean): ListBlockVolume - Gets the blocks in a volume if it matches the filter
    • Added function containsBlock(volume: BlockVolumeBase, filter: BlockFilter, allowUnloadedChunks?: boolean): boolean - Returns true if the block in volume matches the filter, false otherwise
  • Moved ItemCooldownComponent from beta to 1.10.0
  • Added BlockComponentStepOffEvent for beta
  • Added onStepOff to BlockCustomComponent
  • Added BlockComponentRandomTickEvent for beta
  • Added onRandomTick to BlockCustomComponent
  • StructureManager:
    • Added getIds(): string - Returns a list of identifiers including all structures saved to memory and the world
    • Fixed a bug where the delete function would not remove structures that were previously saved to the world but not loaded
    • Changed the default save mode of createEmpty to StructureSaveMode.Memory


  • Improved performance for the /give and /replaceitemcommands. No server lag if there is no target (MCPE-162190)
  • Fixed the /hud command so that changes do not persist between sessions (MCPE-179153)
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