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Minecraft Now is back

New date coming soon!

UPDATE: The January episode of Minecraft Now has been postponed as we are unable to bring you a lively livestream due to Covid-19. We don’t have a new date yet, but don’t worry – we will be back to our usual shenanigans as soon as possible! In the meantime, keep sending us your warden fanart with the #MinecraftNowSubmit tag on Twitter and watch this space for new updates! 


Welcome to the new year, dear reader. Have you made any resolutions? Not to brag, but I have already broken seven of mine. The only one I have kept is to keep a tidy calendar so I don’t forget important dates like January 13. What’s happening on one of the luckiest day of the year? Why, the second episode of Minecraft Now will be streaming live on our YouTube channel

For our second installment of our new live show, we wanted to take it easy. We’re focusing on all things bland, boring, and basic. Wait a minute. That’s the checklist for the party I am throwing after the stream. The show will actually feature lots of exciting gameplay, a special deep dive with content creator AntVenom, and community art featuring…the warden?! Oh my, I am going to need to keep my smelling salts close by. 

Do you want your warden art featured on the show? Of course you do! Maybe you’ve found a way to make them not terrifying. What? A writer can dream! Regardless of the horror-level of your creation, we want to see it! So make your thing, post it on Twitter and tag it with #MinecraftNowSubmit, and then tune in on January 13 at noon EST to see if you made it into the show!* Until then, I suggest you play the first episode on repeat until the second one goes live. You never know, maybe you missed something!


*By doing this, you:

Agree that you are the one that created it, and that you're not violating anyone's else's intellectual property or publicity rights

Agree that the creation can be used on Minecraft’s YouTube channel (including live broadcasted shows) and on articles on

Agree to Minecraft's community standards when choosing what to submit

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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