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Minecraft Now: June

Dive into the mangrove swamp with the warden and SpongeBob!

The summer edition of Minecraft Now is just one day away. Grab your sunglasses, pool floaties, and pop a decorative umbrella in whatever beverage you will be enjoying as you watch the livestream! And get comfortable, because a lot of stuff has happened since we last saw you. The Wild Update was unleashed, a brand new game is on the horizon, and five years of Marketplace fan favorites were celebrated – there is a lot to cover in this episode! 

Our host Lydia is joined by Jasper, who will walk us through the work behind the majestic mangroves, and Alexander who will sneak us past the warden. Wait, what? He’s going to stay and talk about the warden? Well, it better in a whisper. Finally, Rafael from Spark Universe will show off the new SpongeBob DLC! 

Don’t miss a single second of the livestream by setting your alarms for June 30, noon EST! If you want to catch up on past episodes, you can find them all on our YouTube page. See you tomorrow! 


Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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