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Minecraft New Year's Sale

The end of the year brings huge discounts and stylish freebies

I don’t know about you, but when that countdown to midnight reaches zero, I will be treating 2020 just like I did high school after graduation: by forgetting it ever happened.

Well, except for the good parts, like the 14-day Minecraft Marketplace New Year’s Sale! And my scene phase, which is the only reason I now know how to create the perfect cat eye.

Blunder years aside, today we’re kicking off two weeks of major discounts on exciting creator content, including 28 doorbusters at 75% off (two per day) and up to 100 regular sale items at 33% off. The promotion will last from Tuesday, December 22 at 10am PST through Monday, January 4. The doorbusters will each be on sale for one day, while the rest of the promotions will be available throughout the event, but they will refresh halfway through the sale on December 29.

But what’s the point of a New Year’s event if you can’t show off your fanciest outfit? Luckily, Tetrascape got us covered with the New Year’s 2021 skin pack, which you can get for free during the sale event! 

And there you have it! It might not have been the best year (a deliberate understatement as Per told me to keep my rants to a minimum), but that doesn’t mean we can’t send it off with a proper virtual celebration.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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