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Minecraft National Park

DAY 14: Celebrating safe havens for animals

Time flies when you’re growing up. Before you know it, you’re 15! Enjoy it while it lasts, zoomers; I’m 300 years old still relatively young and already doing everything I can to preserve my precious youth. Just today I filed a missing report for my hair! 

However, there are much more important things to preserve than looks. For example, the world around us and the diverse ecosystem that is part of it. And since birthdays are the perfect opportunity for eye-catching attention related to world-caring, we’re celebrating our 15-year anniversary by once again teaming up with some old friends – The Nature Conservancy, an environmental nonprofit organization. Together, we’re building a Minecraft world that celebrates the beauty of our natural world: the Minecraft National Park. In addition, we also donated $100,000 to The Nature Conservancy to support their incredible work in combatting and educating audiences about the effects of climate change. 

Consisting of nine diverse sub-biomes, the Minecraft National Park is a vivid world that is both massive in size and the result of a massive collaboration between Minecraft creators. Above all else, it is a showcase of humanity’s impact on its surroundings.  

As a player, you’ll be able to move between the different areas (Grasslands, Taiga, Tundra, Cloud Forest, Jungle, Savannah, Dry Forest, Ocean, and Wetlands) and its park ranger stations to not only soak up Minecraft's history, but also learn how to preserve nature and its inhabitants in creative ways, such as through “wildlife crossings”. 


Indeed! Wildlife crossings are nifty structures built over or under highways to allow wild animals to cross safely. When successfully implemented, these structures can greatly reduce the likelihood of collisions, provide a safe corridor for animal transit, and help reduce the ecological impact of highways by reconnecting animal habitats. 

In short: wildlife crossings are fantastic – and YOU can help support this cause. Once Minecraft Natural Park becomes available for download, all proceeds will be donated directly to The Nature Conservancy. Talented builders are currently hard at work completing the map, which is set to release this fall. Mark your calendars and set your alarms! 


Each sub-biome in the Minecraft National Park also comes with a monument. These artistic structures serve as a type of focal point for the player and embody each unique biome. However, while most of the biomes’ monuments have already been completed, one zone has yet to receive theirs – the Central Visiting Center where every player spawns when loading into the map. The honor of creating this monument is reserved for none other than... you! 

In order to pick an outstanding creation for the central monument, we’re holding a grand build challenge. Anyone can submit their own creation with the chance of getting featured in the Minecraft National Park. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild! The only requirement is that your monument showcases the beauty and diversity of nature and includes at least one mob or plant within Minecraft. 

To participate, you must create your build in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, using a template map that can be downloaded at Minecraft Marketplace. The monument you build should be on the pedestal provided within the map.  

After you’ve finished your monument, you must also create a video of the build and publish a publicly viewable post that includes a link to your video on X (Twitter), YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram with the hashtag #MinecraftMonument24. Make sure that your build is within the bounding box and please remove the box completely before creating your video. 

Entries will be judged based on originality, composition, and adherence to the challenge theme. You’re only allowed to submit one build per person, so make it count! The contest starts on May 27 and ends on June 27. Can you shape this world? Give it your best shot! For more information on the build challenge competition, check out the official rules


If you’re participating in the Minecraft National Park contest, you’ll need the right gear for the job! Fetch building blocks in style and dress up for the occasion with today’s elegant persona item: the Allay Bandana. This handsome headdress brings out your most altruistic qualities and gives you an aura that screams “teamwork”.  

All you need to do to claim today’s extravagant attire is to boot up Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, open the Dressing Room where you’ll find your shiny new character creator item, and smile.  

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