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Minecraft Magazine Issue Two!

In a shocking twist, we've made a second issue!

Remember when we launched that ace official Minecraft magazine last month? And do you remember all the millions of naysayers who took to the streets, yelling about how it wouldn't work? Us neither. Anyway, in your face, completely hypothetical naysayers, because the magazine's a hit and the second issue is here!

The Official Minecraft Magazine Team (or TOMMT, for short) may lack a catchy acronym but my word, can they make a delightful papery treat. This issue is bursting with great builds, stories, news, scoops and another excellent comic from Trudi Castle featuring our crafting heroes, Bear, Monty, Scout and Sparks! In fact, that comic is so good, I refuse to write another word of this story until I've enjoyed a SNEAK PEEK at a panel for it.

Ah, that's better. Issue two should have already hit UK shelves by the time you read this. Unless you're reading this thousands of years in the future. In which case, hello person of the future! What's the weather like in 6017? Do you still have magazines? Really? Wow!

Other regions will be getting issue two very, very soon, so keep a look out! How about we end on another sneak peek of some of the great features inside the issue? Let's!

If you’d like to see your work featured in the magazine, please send high-resolution images of your builds and skins to TOOMT via They’ll feature your coolest stuff in the mag!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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