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Minecraft Live 2022: The Details

Your practical guide to this year’s livestream!

Before any great party, a great deal of planning must take place. A lot of strings need pulling, mountains need moving, and a whole slew of dirt blocks need to be swept under comically oversized rugs before an event like Minecraft Live. But you, dear reader, don’t need to lift a finger because I have put together all the information you need in one handy dandy post! All you had to do was read a very long introduction, which is a fair price to pay according to everyone except my editor. 

When does the livestream start?

The show streams live on October 15 at noon EDT! If you are like me, that may not mean anything to you because you also consider time to be a construct. But for the rest of you, here’s when it’s happening in your time zone! 

Stockholm – 6 PM CEST

London  – 5 PM BST

New York  – 12 PM EDT

Seattle –  9 AM PDT

São Paulo  –  1 PM BRT

Tokyo  – 1 AM JST (OCT 16)

Sydney – 3AM AEDT (OCT 16)

Where can I watch the show? 

Watch the show on our YouTube channel or on You can already see our countdown here, or set an alarm by clicking the bell icon on YouTube to be notified when it starts.

Will the show be available in different languages? 

Yes! With the help of these amazing people, the show will be rebroadcast in the following languages:

Korean courtesy of SleepGround

German courtesy of Dreemtum

Spanish (Spain) courtesy of Manucraft

Spanish (Latin America) courtesy of Bobicraft

French courtesy of Bichard

Russian courtesy of Nerkin

Swedish courtesy of Matinbum

Japanese courtesy of Masuo, Nobaman, and Kaito

Portuguese courtesy of Moonkase

Italian courtesy of The Mark

Arabic courtesy of Crafter

We will also be streaming the show in ASL (American Sign Language) here and with audio description here

When can I vote for a new mob? 

The vote opens on October 14, noon EDT and closes on October 15, noon EDT. This gives you a full 24 hours to vote for your favorite mob! Change your vote as many times as you like during this time but remember that the last vote you cast before closing will be the one that counts. This year, the vote has moved to, the launcher, and a special carnival-themed Bedrock map. To make sure the process stays safe and fair, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account to cast your vote. Read more about how to vote here! 

Which mobs can I vote for? 

This year, our lovely contenders are the sniffer, the rascal, and the tuff golem

The tuff golem is a statue mob that you can build, and place wherever you want! It can hold an item, or it can hold nothing. You’re the designer, so you decide! They measure one block in height, so you could stack them if that’s where your artistic vision guides you. The tuff golem can also wake up and wander around! If your tuff golem is empty handed, it will pick up the first dropped item it finds and hold it on display, even after it goes back to its frozen statue state. But don’t worry, it will always return to same spot that you placed it after its done walking around.

The rascal is a mob that not only lurks, but wants to be found! Play hide and seek with it in the mines on any level below Y=0. Find the same rascal three times, and you will be rewarded with a prize that will help you keep mining! After it rewards you, the rascal will teleport away so you can keep digging. The rascal is a rare mob, but you never know how often you can find one on your expeditions!

The sniffer is an extinct mob, but you can bring it back by hatching its eggs that are hidden in underwater chests. Bring the egg back to land and wait for the egg will slowly hatch and you will find yourself with a brand new sniffer. The sniffer will wander around and sniff seeds out of the ground. Plant the seeds for new decorative plants, or hoard them all in a chest. That’s up to you, friend! 

Show the world which mob you support with a t-shirt! You can grab your free Minecraft Live 2022 skin pack in Minecraft Marketplace, which includes 12 skins with mob-themed apparel. This is going to involve a lot of costume changes for an undecided voter like me, but they don’t call me the Cher of Creative Communications for nothing.

Hold on, what is Minecraft Live? 

Oh, just our annual competition where we see which type of paint dries the fastest. GOTCHA! It’s only the biggest Minecraft event of the year! Brace yourself for some serious shenanigans. You can also expect deep dives, exclusive updates, live gameplay, and the famous mob vote where the community gets to decide which mob we’ll add to Minecraft!  

Well, I think that covers everything. Now all you have to do is get your own snacks in order, cast your mob vote, and enjoy the show

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