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Minecraft Legends Dev Diaries: PvP

The devs talk about strategic building, competing for resources, and more

The vicious yet somehow cute piglins in Minecraft Legends already have me thinking about how I will affectionately destroy them and everything they stand for. But there’s another opponent that you will face in the game: other players. That’s right, Minecraft Legends will have a PvP mode – well, PvPvP if you count the random piglins you’ll encounter on the map. And now it’s time to learn more about it, straight from the devs. 

In the new Minecraft Legends Dev Diary, Pete Gahn, Lee Pederson, and Kyle Jensen from Blackbird Interactive, together with Mojang Studios’ Dennis Ries, talk about what makes the game’s PvP so much chaotic fun. Is it the strategic building? The fight for resources? The good, old-fashioned sabotage? It will be up to you and your friends how things go down, but at the end of the match, only one of the two teams’ camps will be left standing. 

Check out the video below:

Have you already picked your team? Or do you have any friends you want to challenge? Keep an eye on @legends_game watch this space for more Minecraft Legends updates, including PvP.

Cristina Anderca
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