Digital drawing of characters from the video game Minecraft where three piglins are coming out of a glowing purple portal on the right with a skeleton archer leaping in the air on the left in attack

Minecraft Legends Community Roundup: Fan Art Part 2

Minecraft Legends, our upcoming action strategy game, has finally been unveiled to the world! Of course, we just had to ask the community to share fan art inspired by this legendary announcement. We received so many amazing entries we had to split it into two articles! 

We loved seeing all the submissions from the community and are thrilled to share, in no particular order, the ones we thought stood out for Part 2.

Kicking things off is Gamakoni, and their artwork showing piglins emerging from a portal and the battle that ensued. Look at how epic that skeleton is!

TUNGSTENGUY took to paper and pencil with their take on piglins. We love the little guy in the lower left corner who looks ready for battle. 

DrahcirW recreated one of their favorite scenes from the announcement trailer in Minecraft. 

Again with a hand drawing, StupidSoda gave us this colorful piglin warrior.

This drawing from Rey abejorro shows a villager reading a book, with scenes from the trailer pouring out of it. 

Sr_Pan’s artwork has piglins coming out of a portal, villagers fleeing and even a creeper getting caught by surprise. 

Sello’s adorable submission has two cute allays flying against a bright blue sky. 

Dewie also found inspiration from the trailer with their soothing drawing. 

BlooTerpiece submitted this awesome mashup of the Minecraft Legends icon and elements from the trailer.

When we saw this artwork from PixelCorgi, we cracked up at the mischievous angled eyebrow on the hero as they attacked the piglin.

We were blown away by what Warr put together using a rendering program, having a hero face down piglins as they emerge from a glowing portal. 

TheCJBrine put together a piece titled “Prepare for Battle…?” In it we see piglins with a portal, creepers, skeletons, and a lurking zombie joining the fray. Even Steve and Alex got in on the fun!

Altara shared this lovely drawn piece with gorgeous waterfalls, two adorable allays and a golem.

Finally, BT47 submitted this pixel art. Can you believe this is their first time participating in an art showcase? We loved the colors, lighting, and the allay duo. 

We were truly astounded by the variety (and number!) of submissions sent in as well as the passion and excitement for Minecraft Legends. A massive thank you to everyone who participated!

Want to share your creations? Please keep an eye out on our Discord server for future community and fan art showcases! 

Lindsey S.
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Lindsey S.